January 05, 2009

Finishing Up!

The kids went back to school today.  I went back to work today.  Amazingly, Brent is working for the railroad today.  All of this equals a very, very, quiet house.

Except for the dog, she is lying on my feet right now, snoring, snoring, very loudly.

Honestly, it kind of sucks. Not the snoring, the quiet house.

I think I could have lived with one more week of vacation.

I even considered home schooling, today.

It was nice having everyone around.

Oh well, the real world is not interested in my desire for more vacation time.

I thought I would share a few more pictures on how I worked the color green into our office.  I love how the office has turned out.  It is so nice to have a clean, clutter free, room to work in. I will be posting the final pictures tomorrow.


This first pic is a picture of our reading chair, lamp, book shelf, and YES a green throw. Amazingly, in a room that had more then 15 boxes of books, there was no place to sit and read a book.  

Now there is a big cozy chair, a comfy throw, and good lighting.  This is the only bookshelf that made it back into the room.  Mainly I'm using it to store library books.  This way we aren't trying to track them down all over the house. 

Also, the picture on the wall is the only picture that made it back in to the room.  Before I had an entire wall full of pictures.  There were more then 40 pictures. I have scanned those pictures into the computer and now they run as a screen saver.  I have enjoyed that.


The only other thing to make it on to the wall was this sign I found at Tai Pan.  I admit it is kind of hokey.  

At last, I fell in love with it and couldn't help myself.

It is a simple phrase. 

It is how every good book should end. 

And, well, I guess I just like the thought. 

Also, it brought a little more green into the room...


I had the bugs they are a gardeny, antiquey, green.  I just made those words up so they are spelled correctly. Trust ME!

I also found this green box at Tai Pan.  It was actually a Christmas clearance purchase. I'm using it as a catch all.  Instead of having the mail, school papers, notes that need to be signed, magazines, you know all the "stuff," thrown on my desk, it lands here. 


It is sitting on the file cabinet so I can file what needs to be filed. Toss what needs to be tossed. Keep everything OFF my work space. So far it is working brilliantly! What a cool word. "Brilliantly!"

I worked green into one more space, I will post that tomorrow.

I have been enjoying your new years resolution comments.  It is funny reading all about your funny quirks.  I'm also feeling less guilt about the whole, "baby" thing. 

Ashlie, I was totally thinking of you when I said, the "Right Fred Said," thing. :)


Me, Myself and I said...

Me? What makes me the obvious candidate for something as crazy as blasting a crazy song and dancing around to it? lolzzzzzzz. Not that I wouldn't. I just didn't realize it was so obvious.

Rechelle said...

Uh Krissy Uh.... I have yet to read a cool blog. To blog is to be a dork. There is just no getting around it. I don't think anyone has ever told Heather of Dooce that she is a dork, but she is... because she is a blogger. It is just a fact of life.


Lori Ann said...

Your office looks great. GOod use of organizational thingies. heehee. I am packing up most of my office right now and I have too much CRAP!