January 09, 2009

I Haven't Decided Yet....

I haven't decided yet what month I want it to be.

I'm thinking maybe it should be May.

That means the flowers are blooming the snow is gone and H. is playing T-ball. I love flowers, I love, "No Snow," and I love, love, love H. playing t-ball.



Maybe I want it to be July, No school, we are starting to eat vegetables from the garden, fireworks and my birthday.



mmmm... Maybe I will take a pass on the birthday.

I'm certain that I don't want it to be January.

I'm pretty sure that January makes people crazy.

I have proof, one of my friends, spent a day making Adult size Hula-Hoops.

"Huh... why?" I asked.

"Because I can." she replied

It is all January's fault. It makes you loopy.

In fact, I am considering writing a letter to Obama and telling him that the, "Change," I would like to see is the end of January.

Really, why do we even need January?

Let's just wipe it out, take 31 whole days, worth of steps, closer to spring.

I'm positive that somebody will leave a comment or at least think about how much they enjoy January.

Yes, I understand you skiers of the world that January rocks.

I understand that sledding and building snowmen, or in the case of my neighbors, a giant snow chicken, (wish I would have taken a picture of that) does provide entertainment.

However, when I wake up in the morning to find that another layer of snow has nestled down, all I can think is, "Down with January!"

Wait didn't I say something about trying to keep this blog positive.

Okay, well I'm positive that I don't like January!

Does that count for being positive.

Who are we kidding anyways. I wasn't born with positive DNA. I was born with the world blows, especially in January, DNA.

It is fact, I've been tested.

What do you mean they don't test for that?

I'll have to ask Brent why all those Dr's were here then?


Angie said...

If we didn't have January, I wouldn't have a husband! He was born in January. I guess we could move his birthday to February and then we could get rid of January. But what would we do with Martin Luther King Jr. Day? ;)

Me, Myself and I said...

Yes, down with January. I think it is absolutely the longest month of the year. I want the days to be long and sunny, I'll go for June right about now. I totally missed my summer last year because of the baby, so I'm DYING for some ultra-violet light absorption. I'm a sunworshipper who has been cooped up for TOO LONG!

Willow said...

January is the month Zach was born. I rather like that little boy. Also, having a baby in January is nearly perfect (if you live here... I couldn't comment on babies in Utah); it isn't sweltering hot, you don't start to sweat upon waking in the morning, nursing is only mildly miserable, and due to cold and flu season you don't have to show up anyplace for several months. January babies rock!

That said, if we don't get some sun around here, I might lose it. A girl can only take so much dreary grey before she snaps!!

Emily said...

This post made me laugh so hard. I appreciate the laugh and YES, DOWN WITH JANUARY!

Shonda Little said...

Well, if you were here in Oklahoma, you would get January one day and April the next and October two days later followed by July like we've been doing. It is impossible to plan the kids' clothes for more than 48 hours.

Sharla said...

Are you knocking my Hula Hoops? I have a bright shiny one just for you! You can shake you hips and create heavenly abs. That's what I want six pack abs. Although I think I like the Hula outside. I used to Hula for hours and hours with my cousins. I love the Hula.