January 16, 2009

January Thaw

As if January wasn't bad enough, there is one little dirty trick, that this month pulls every year.

People in Utah call it the, "January Thaw."

Suddenly, without warning, the sun breaks through, the temperatures rise above freezing, and the snow begins to melt.

It is absolutely wonderful.  Your sun starved soul begins to sing a song.  You leave the house without 25 layers of clothes.  Your feet remain dry as you walk into buildings.  It feels like, at any moment, spring will appear.

It is a happy time.

But it is a trick!

As if mother nature was not cruel enough, with the whole winter, snow, cold thing.  She gets in one huge, knee, slapping joke.

Just when you find yourself with a huge, it is almost spring, smile on your face.

She slaps you with a nasty winter storm.

Then the fun is all over and it is back to weeks and weeks of endless winter.

I'm sure she gets a huge chuckle at all of us, falling for her, winter is almost over joke. Year after year. 

I have decided this year I will not be tricked.

I know winter is coming back.  I know this beautiful weather we are having will not last.  I know that soon I will be crying as the snow falls.

I can't be tricked! 

However, I can enjoy the joke, while it last.


Bogsider said...

That trick is well known in Denmark also. Last year, it came March 19. (I know, because I took pictures and was actually pi**ed off big time!). We had enjoyed a relative mild winter with no big storms or anything and then in March, spring was practically here until the 19th. BAM! We were hit with a blizzard and then it was just cold and yucky for weeks after. So this year, I am prepared for everything! Its VERY cold these days, so cold that it is hard to get the apartment warm (and it aint that big, you know) even though we have central heating and all that. And darker than dark. It was gray outside when I woke up and now, as the clock is around 5PM it is pitch black. I just want to go to bed...

Brock said...

Krissi, you make me Chuckle. Even more so when you complain about the things I hate most, and I HATE Winter!

NoBS said...

Just be thankful you don't have a week of 80degree temp! When you don't have a cold you have allergies acting up. And when the cold hits again...and it will...flu season will probably have a second go 'round. OH! SoCal!

The Larson Family said...

Thanks for the warning. Yep, I was thinking is this spring already?? My kids are dying for more snow though. Can't really make snowballs with the ice that's left outside!