January 02, 2009

No Sugar Contest Finale!

Today is January 2, 2009. Which means my, "No Sugar Contest,” ended two days ago. In the end I flubbed all over the place. The closer it got to Christmas the more goodies that rolled in the house. The weaker my resolve became. I was a very naughty girl! Just being honest here.

However, prior to the week before Christmas, I was a very good girl. So I'm giving myself a break! I can do that right? I have decided to start the, "No Sugar" diet again. Except this time it won’t be a contest for you. Just a personal goal for me to say away from sugar. I really did feel better not eating sugar. I also noticed the huge side effect of my children eating less junk.

It is the first of the year, so you know, no matter how much I say I'm not going to set a specific weight loss goal. The one thing I WANT to do is set a specific weight loss goal. I'm holding out against my instincts and I'm just going to continue down the path I'm on.  Working toward better overall health.  My goals are to finish the 104 mile bike ride, run the city 5k (again) with a better time, and participate in the youth 41 mile Trek in July.

That is enough to keep we working towards better overall health. Without throwing a specific number of pounds to loose into the mix. Here is to better health in 2009!

On to the contest winner.

The deal was if you didn't catch me with my hand in the cookie jar, the winner was the person who left the most comments. The start date was October 27th and the finish Date was December 31st.

The winner by a single comment is WILLOW!!

I thought you had it hands down Willow but as I was tallying the comments Ashleee was behind by only one comment. One more comment and I would have had a tie. :)

Thank you everyone for your support.  I had lots of fun and enjoyed all of your comments.  It is so fun to hear what everyone thinks.  


ashleeeee said...

By only ONE comment?!

Willow said...


Of course you thought I had this contest in the bag.... I left the longest comments in the history of blog-comment-leaving.

Whew... I didn't realize that Ashleeeee was so close to edging me out of a victory dance. (Be glad you can't see said dance of victorious gloating; it is NOT pretty.)