January 23, 2009


The school science fair was yesterday.  The kids each had an opportunity to present their projects to two judges.

Sam really enjoyed that part of the Science Fair.  She said it even made it worth while to do a project. 

That is good, that something made it worth while, we wouldn't want the learning something to be worth while, would we?

She must have done a pretty good job, because the judges moved her (along with a hand full of other kids) to the next level, and she will be participating in the District Science Fair.

Andrew, on the other hand loved working on the Science Fair.  He loved learning about windmills, how they work, how they are built, all of that.

He did not enjoy the presentation part of the project.  Andrew is not moving on to district. Which is fine with him because that would have meant another round of judging.  He is taking a pass on that.

Kids are Funny!

I had Andrew do a quick demo of his project for me and here it is in all of its YOUTUBE glory.  If you watch closely the little LED light, lights up.  Very cool as long as you don't have to show it to a judge.

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