January 05, 2009

the SwimMom Question?

First, a word of explanation. I know a few of you have checked out my blog a time or two over the past week, and found that my ADD is out of control. Each day has seen a new template, a new layout, and some crazy programming. I'm done!

Well I'm not really done. I'm just going to leave things well enough alone, UNTIL, I design my own layout. Right now I'm working on figuring out a program that will give me the ability to design my own layout. That way I can design things the way I want and quit driving you crazy with a new design daily.

However, now I'm thinking about it.. from your stand point ... there is a possibility... that you haven't noticed or cared. Hummm?

All right, all right! On to the far more important events. Today on the "SwimMom Question," we are going to be talking NEW YEARS RESOLUTION!

Did you cringe?

Did you think of closing the page?

Did you roll your eyes and think, "She can't do better then that?" "She is SOOOO not creative."

Of course I'm creative. Who else do you know, painted their office to look like a root beer float? Creative runs out of me like. . . Well I can't think of a "like" right now.

I have "SPECIFIC," New Years Resolution question?

I know that we all make general, everyday, everybody, resolutions. Spend less, eat less, exercise more, love more, be better.

We all make those goals. We make them everyday, we just make them grander on New Years Day.

I want to know that goal you don't tell anyone. That goal that tells everyone, "I have issues." I want you to embrace your inner issue laden person. Let your inner Munk out and tell us your goal.

Hey, no leaving without leaving a comment.

You can even say, "Krissi your nuts! The only Munk I know is you, you freak."

I'll accept it.

I'll wonder what your hiding.

I'll wonder what you do that you don't want to share.

I will hypothesise that you listen to Right Said Fred's, "I'm to Sexy," while doing the catwalk in your living room.

I will guess that you have a secret obsession for all things 70's and can be found with your own personal bell bottom collection.

I told you I can be creative.

Or you could just share.

My New Years "I have issues" Resolution is to quit calling H. my baby.

At six years old he is not appreciating the continuation of mom saying, "This is H. he is my baby."

Also, just before Christmas my baby lost his very first baby tooth. I called my mom blubbering, tears, shaky breathing, the works.

mom: "Krissi, are you okay?" "Is everything okay?" "What is wrong?"


There was silence

me: "D d d d did you hear me?" "My Baby Lost His First Tooth!"

mom: "Do you mean my grandson, who is nearly six, lost his first tooth?"

me: "YES!!!"

mom: "Aren't you suppose to loose them at his age?"

me: "WHAT, HUH, Well Yah, BUT, HE IS MY BABY!!!"

mom: "Did it ever occur to you that, "your baby," might not be a baby anymore?"

me: "You clearly don't understand the seriousness of this issue."

mom: "That boy is going to elope one day because his mother doesn't realize he is old enough to loose baby teeth, let alone drive, let alone date, let alone be married."

me: "MARRIED???"

Thank goodness for mothers and their keen observation into your inner freak. She is right it is time for me to let my baby go. Time to open my eyes and see a six year old. Not the totally adorable, rolly polly, baby he was.

So my first, "I have issues, New Years Resolution" quit calling H. my baby.

Your turn. I have to know. It is important! It lets me know that I share the world with other issue laden people. I feel comfort in that thought.

Happy Break is over Monday!


Scott and Stacy said...

I tried to do that last year when Seth turned 6, still do it. I still call him my baby. In my family I have 6 bros and 1 sis. When my parents got married they had five kids total come together from their previous marriages. There is a little age gap difference between their previous marriage kids to the kids they had together, the last three. We called them "The little kids". It wasn't until they all graduated from high school we stopped calling them that. So maybe we'll be calling our babies, our babies until they are actually married and have babies of their own.
One of the goals I am going to try to make this year is, I am going to try to budget the money I make a bit more wisley. When I first started the daycare Scott said it was my money do with it what you want. I get paid at the begining of each week and the money is gone within two days. I am going to stop and save and spend little. I know it's not a crazy thing you wanted to know but that is one of three goals I've made for myself this year, the other two are the same as everyone else, weight and time managment.

Angie said...

You already know my major resolution - I need to curb my spending habits. That is my first one. Another one is to cook more than once a week for my family. I hate cooking. Hate it. I know, those aren't fun. I will admit that I loooove the 70's, though I don't have any bellbottoms. I love the music, I guess. Clint also told me I have to get rid of some shoes. Sigh. I guess I better go look at all of my babies and see which ones have to go to a new home. I'm kind of obsessed with shoes.

Race Fam said...

This year I will quit wanting my kids to be older. I always think it will be so nice when my kids are old enough to stay home by themselves while Brad and I go out, and can't wait until next year when all of my kids are at some kind of school and I am free to be free. Isn't that horrible! I say that while NIxon is sitting on my lap while I type this. So this year I will not wish for the future to come too soon!

Me, Myself and I said...

Yeah, I parade around to "I'm too sexy", what about it, huh? Actually, as a "getting out of your shell /loosen up" exercise, I used to play it as music for my Colorguard's across-the-floor-exercises, and on the last few times we'd totally model walk and pose. Yes, I MADE them ALL do it. Good times, good times.

My brother is still the baby. Um, he's 17. He's the last one, so he just has to deal with being the baby (and the only boy, poor kid). And now, it's cute to see "the baby" playing the the real babies.

New Year's resolutions? I resolve not to resolve, then I won't have to be mad at myself at the end of the year.

And, Angie... if you're getting rid of shoes... I'm a size 8 to 9.....

Heather Bowles said...

Well, Okay so once and a while I swear at my kids like put that damn thing down or "what the hell" I have even been known to to tell them to shut up when my nerves are about shot. So I am going to try and not swear at my kids. I know it sounds so mean, but I really am a nice mom, but when they just won't listen it does get their attention.
Oh man I was just thinking of deleting, that is how much this is one of those crazy things.
Yeah I have a potty mouth.
Well I was going to say, I would stop making Mitch do all those crazy things in the bedroom, just to be funny of course, NOT, I will continue to be crazy.
Whow are you sure your glad you asked this question.

Sharla said...

Ok... I have to add that I AM THE BABY. IN fact at age 33 my mom still will refer to me as her "baby" when introducing me to friends, co-workers, etc. It amuses me greatly that she can't possibly move beyond this idea that I am her baby. Even funnier still is that she now refers to my babies as her babies. She'll call me and say "How are my babies today" To this I say. Who cares, Your baby is always your baby no matter how old they get. Just remember that you still have to let them live, and though they are your baby, your baby is growing, and doing it incredibly fast. As for my new years resolutions that I'm not telling anyone.. Here it is " I will NOT refer to every meal as "dinner" " My poor children will grow up completely confused I am sure because I will refer to breakfast and lunch, as Dinner. ie Baby come get your Dinner and it's 8:30 in the am and he's having oatmeal. for Breakfast. HA.. My darling Hubby has been chiding me about this for over a year. Even telling my darlings that mommy is screwed up and that not every meal is called Dinner. LOL. As you can see it's becoming a huge problem.

Willow said...

I love your mom... she totally rocks!

Hmmm, I am pretty much an open book, so coming up with a hidden resolution is difficult. However, I think I would like to have a few less "Willow Moments." For example... flooding the house whilst filling the water-bed (yes, we have a hideous 70s water-bed... it is vile!), realizing that some people are creepy and "do you like to have fun?" is either a proposition or an invitation to partake of illegal substances.

Ooooh, I would also like to finally win the innuendo game. So far my ability to twist the most innocent of statements into something suggestive has been completely over-shadowed by my husband's nefarrious word twisting. Yet, I still try to outdue him... wow, that one I probably should have kept hidden.

Lastly, I think I need to finish the sewing project that I intended to start 2 years ago. I was going to make the boys (and their neighborhood friends) super-hero capes for Christmas (Christmas last year... and this year). At this point, they MIGHT get capes for Arbor day!