January 12, 2009

the SwimMom Question?

Our house is a bustle. 

There are bits of cardboard, wires and wood everywhere. 

There are jars, microscopes, glass slides, bits of information everywhere.

My clean office is cluttered with hypothesis, procedures, and results.

There are books piled by the computer and papers flying out of the printer.

All because of the rapidly approaching end of term.

Which means a book report for each of my older children. Visual aids to go along with the book reports.


Science Fair projects.

Two of them.

All I have to say to that is, "When did I get sent back to elementary school?"

Humph, Grrrr and any other grumpy noise you can think up.

I'm sure, in a couple days I will breathe a great big sigh of relief, as the projects reach a completed stage. However, right now all I can do is grit my teeth to the mess that surrounds me. 

Also, wonder why I decided to have four children in six years?  What part of me did not foresee into days like this. Admittedly, it has me a bit freaked of the years to come. 

However, we push on and before the end of the week it will all be done. A distant memory until it all starts again. JOY!

This week my question for you all is this:

"What science fair projects did you do growing up?" Or, "What science fair projects do you remember other's did."

I did a few of mine own.  One was a survey study about kids and drugs.  The other was steel wool and coke.  The coke ate the steel wool.  Funny, how I still like drinking the stuff.

However, the one science fair project I remember is one that a girl I grew up with did.

She was always a super smart, super talented a total super star.

You know, the type of people we hated.

That is, we use to hate, of course, now days we love those people, the ones that do everything right, always do everything the best, and are good at everything.  Those are our favorite people now.

Her project was titled "Chaos." As far as I remember she started the project in 7th grade.  At that time the only thing I understood about the project was the title.

I remember that in 9th grade she was still working on the project.  This time I understood her hypothesis.

Which was, "She believed in a Creator, a universe that was dictated by rules of the Creator, that there really was no such such thing as Chaos. She believed there was a pattern in everything you just had to find the pattern."

I think she used dice to test her hypothesis.  I don't remember from there what she concluded. Possibly, more then likely, I didn't understand her conclusion.

There are some scary smart people in the world.

Today my kids are doing science projects about Chlorine and Windmill energy.

Very exciting stuff!

Inquiring minds want to know what kind of projects you have lurking in your scientific past?


Bogsider said...

I went to elementary school in Denmark (where I also went to high school, gymnasium and university, LOL) and there is (was, I don't know what they have nowadays) nothing about doing those kinds of projects at all. So I never did any science projects in school. Now if I had chosen to study chemistry or biology or physichs or other natural science at university, I am sure there are projects involved, but my field is humanities, and we don't do projects like that. We read books. LOL ;o)

Another thing I only know from American tv-series and movies is Show and Tell. We never had that while I was in school. Never did that. But I do think that they have begun having something similar to it now. Or maybe that is just in kindergarden, where you are allowed to bring a toy each week or so...

I would have liked to do fun projects like the one with coca cola and steel or something like that.

Maybe the lack of science projects in the Danish ground-school system is the reason we have a serious lack of natural scientists in Denmark?

Scott and Stacy said...

For the past three years Scott and I hate this time of year because of the science projects. They start them in the 4th grade and do it every year until they graduate high school. It's funny though, neither one of us remember doing science fair projects while we were growing up.
Teryn did a project about bananas in fourth grade, tested to see which banan browned faster, fridge, counter top. Counter top was the conclusion. The following year we had T and K doing projects. We copied T's for K's and stepped it up a notch for Teryn, we added the freezer. This year Kalie is testing different strengths of glues and Teryn is testing if a toilet paper roll can hold her weight. We are almost finished, just need to type everything up and put it all out on the boards. I can't wait for this to be over because it seams like they have double the homework when it is science fair time. The boys already have in their minds what they want to do when they are in the fourth grade. Oh joy.

Heather Bowles said...

Science Fair Project, What, if I did a science fair project I don't remember. I might have I don't know.

Race Fam said...

I don't remember what science projects I have done. I do remember someone doing one to see what brand of paper towel would hold the most water. This wasn't a science experiment but I've always wanted to know why Taco Bell sauce can clean a penny. It really works!

Brock said...

Don't you love how everything just has to happen the last week of the term!? Brace yourself, it will all be over soon.... Four-day-weekend, here we come. Great for kids, not so great for parents, right?