January 19, 2009

the SwimMom Question?

January is quickly becoming a month of learning for me.  First, there was the science fair projects and book reports.  Now I am taking a walk through history.

Last night I attended a fireside at my church.  The topic was on our ancestors, particularly the ones, who crossed the country pushing a handcart.

This summer the youth in our church will reenact 40 miles of this trip.  In three days they will walk nearly 40 miles pushing a handcart.  During this time they will learn some of the trials, some of tragedies, some of the miracles, and hopefully have their hearts turned towards the past and the ancestors who came before them.

As a current leader of the youth I have the opportunity to go.  When I very first heard that I would be making this trek I was focused on the physical task.  40 miles in three days is not going to be an easy.  Especially in July and especially with over a 100 youth ages 14-19.  I have been so focused on the physical aspect I hadn't given much thought to the reasons why we're doing this.

Last night I had the opportunity to listen to the why's.  To listen to some of the stories of the people who had come across.  To hear about some of the trials, tragedies and miracles.  There was some amazingly sad and happy stories.

I came home last night with my head full of history.  Then I turned on the news and was watching a story about Obama taking office.  It made me realize, that history is about to take place, as we put the first black president take office.  It made me wonder what future generations will think about this time when it becomes history.

My question today is, "If you could go back to any historical event, and watch it happen or be a part of it, what event would you choose?"

Honestly, I haven't figured out the answer to this question yet.  I'm going to run to the gym, run a few miles, and think about it.  Then I will post my answer.  I just wanted to give you some time to think about it too.  

Where are we going to go in history today?  I think your answers are going to create an interesting walk through history. 

*** I figured out my answer. I have always been attracted to old homes and old buildings.  In particular homes that you know were the first ones there.  I always wonder who built the house? Why did they build a house there? What did it look like when they were the only ones there? What were their lives like?

If I could move in an out of history that is what I would do.  Whenever, I saw an old building or an old home I would move to that time and see what the lives of the people were like.

Have you thought of what time in history you would want to witness?


Heather Bowles said...

I would totaly want to go back to Joseph Smith time and be a close neighbor or something and I would want to know if I would have followed him or made fun of him. I also think I would totally love a time with no tvs and all these other things that take us away from our familys so much. I however would miss the doctors we have and all the modern medicine and dishwashers and heating and cooling in my home, and a SHOWER.

Race Fam said...

I would like to go back to when Microsoft was just starting and would have invested a ton of money in it while it was cheap to do so! I would be sitting pretty right about now!!