January 26, 2009

the SwimMom Question?

It is early, as I write this it is 6:30 in the morning early.  Which means I have already been up for about 2 hours.  It is crazy to get up that early in the morning but you do what you have to do. Most weekdays I am and out of bed by a quarter to 5. I do this so that I can go to the gym and get a workout in before the day begins.  Raising four kids and working a very part time job does not leave a lot of time to routinely get a workout in.  That is unless I get up before 5.

I think I have said that now at least 12 times.  Kind of lets you know it is not my favorite thing in the world to do, right?

Well, as I was walking on the treadmill this morning I noticed the number of fellow gym rats had dropped significantly.  The first of January always brings a wave of new people into the gym.  

Being as I am a person easily annoyed, this annoys me.  Mainly because I have a hard time getting on the machines I want to get on and get into the classes I want to get into. The gym has filled with people and breathing room becomes hard to come by.

I want the gym to have a rule that if you worked out through December you can kick people off the machine you want.  The gym manager, Melissa, does not agree with me.  She, for some reason, does not think that would be nice.

Well life marches on and before long all those people that annoyed me filter away. Makes me feel smug in away that I shouldn't.

Have I mentioned that I have a problem with being nice.

If I was a nice person I would support all those people trying to make a change in their lives.  If I was a nice person I would be friendly and welcoming.  Instead I snarl like a dog when her favorite bone has been taken away. It is a problem, this lack of niceness. 

As I looked around and realized how the numbers have already dwindled it turned my mind towards New Years Resolutions.

We start out with the best intentions.  We want to make changes, we want to make improvements, we want in some ways for our lives to be better.  However, we try to make all of these changes during January.  I recently saw a post that was titled, "January is the Monday of the year." (It is here if you want to check it out.) I laughed out loud when I saw that title.  I didn't even have to read the post to agree full heartily with the writer. 

With one final week left in January I feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Life seems more doable. I feel renewed and ready to take on those New Years resolutions that I did or didn't make that I should have. 

My question for you today, "How are your New Years Resolutions, coming along?"  Have you completely abandoned ship are you progressing along at a nice pace?  Were you smart enough not to get sucked into the New Years Resolution trap? 


Lori Ann said...

I gave up making New Years resolutions a LONG time ago. Making goals in March is better. HAHAHA

Willow said...

Resolution #1 -- Eat Better. Um... I had cake and diet pepsi for breakfast. It was carrot cake... aka, a vegetable, AND it was only 1/16 of a piece. So, not good but that is better, right? Oh and the diet pepsi... that is because I can't breathe and HATE using the rescue inhaler that makes me shake like an ill-rooted tree in a tornado. See, totally justified!

Resolution #2 -- Be a Better Mom. Yeah, I didn't kill my kids last week when they went joy-riding much further than they had permission to go. Of course, I did watch them go (I thought they would turn around at the end of the block, which is permitted), so again not super steller.

Resolution #3 -- Be less funny. Total check! Russ has yet to laugh until he coughs, chokes, and yacks. I am definately less funny. =) Either that or he just doesn't desire to vomit... hard to say.

Resolution #4 -- Be a person that "doesn't suck." (I know, not a lady-like word.) Um, someone else would have to judge that for me. I think I rock most of the time... but I am a bit biased.

Heather Bowles said...

Well as for resolution I am still working on mine which is to enjoy what is happening right then and their and not worry so much about the next thing. Some stuff you just can not avoid but their is a lot of stuff I can.
I so wish I could go to the gym with you guys in the morining, it is so boring working out at home alone. Some day Mitch will be done with school and I just might be able to.

Emily said...

I am completely with you on "less dedicated" people taking the good machines. I snarled more than once myself!