January 07, 2009

There Are Times I Like Winter

First things first, I have to say, "Thank You, for all the well wishes and that sucks." 

I was rolling out of a parking space slowly because the car to my right was huge and I couldn't see anything. Which explains why I rolled right into the car driving past.  No one was hurt the cars didn't even jerk. There was no damage to my car at all.  The other car's passenger door was bent in. There wasn't even a visible scratch.

Hopefully, it is an easy fix for them.  I am feeling bad that it is something that they have to deal with. Feeling like an idiot.  

It was great to read everyones idiot moments.  

Made me feel better. 

Sometimes I think there is something wrong with the fact that other's idiot moments make me feel better.

Second, thing second.

There are times I like the winter and the snow.

For example days like today.

The sky is a beautiful blue, the snow is melting, the high is 44.  Which may sound cold but it feels blissfully warm.

I could handle winter if it would stay this way.

It is even pretty outside.

So in true Krissi fashion I went outside for some shots.

What do you think?

This look is why people don't like cats.  This look is why I like cats.  It just says, "Really, really, you want to mess with me. Just walk a way." I want to master this look.


Here is my rose flower bed.  They are there somewhere. Promise.


I just liked this shot of the welcome sign by my front door.

Here is a shot of the beautiful sky I told you about.  Doesn't it look heavenly? I love clouds. Especially, when there is no snow in sight. 


This is just a shot of a bush.  Very exciting. Right?


Willow said...

You just made me shiver a bit with that last photo.

Since I missed the "hey, I'm an idiot too" comments, I thought I should fess up. I am an idiot too! I have backed into a couple metal posts in carports, dividing parking lots, etc, and that was bad. However, far worse was when I backed into the little cart-thingy that helps grocery workers gather the shopping carts into those ridiculously long cart-trains. Banged the heck out of my bumper. Luckily, I drive a Saturn most of the time. So, that huge dent (huge-huge dent... stinkin' plastic car can't take any strain) popped right out. If only it hadn't crumpled the paint on the bumper.

You are not alone in your moment of D'OH!

Scott and Stacy said...


Larson said...

LOVED the snow today too! It was so pretty outside! I just wanted to stay out to look at the huge mountains all around us! I even turned off the heater inside for a while and opened up windows ... until it was too chilly inside and had to close up again. the 40's do seem warm already to us too!

I'd love to have your camera! Your pictures look great! I took one to show my family at home what pretty views we have here but it did no justice to the real thing. Glad your accident was a little one!

Heather Bowles said...

I agree that it was nice also. I actually kept going outside to shovel, pretty much nothing, but it was nice to be outside. I just kept braking ice up from our drive way. WEEEEEE.

Brock said...

I love that cloud shot, it's great! It's so dramatic and perfect.