January 01, 2009


Good Morning, Afternoon, or Evening. Depending on how wild your New Years Eve was. I hope everyone had a great night and is excited to welcome the first day of 2009. As stated before we spent the evening with friends. We had a good time and enjoyed bidding a farewell to 2008 with laughter.

These pictures were taken yesterday as I said, "Hello," to the last day of 2008.

As I look back on 2008 I wish I could say . . . .

I figured out how to keep my house clean, most of the time.
I figured out how to eat right
I lost all the extra weight
I became a master of budgeting

Instead I have to tell you . . . .

My house still gets pretty darn scary
I LOVE sugar (more on that tomorrow)
I lost some weight
I spent less

However, in the past year I also . . .

Learned to laugh at myself
Learned Weight is Relative
Figured out why Mom and Dad, need breaks from kids.
Took life a little less seriously
Became a slightly better version of myself (I hope)
Chilled (ever so slightly)

In 2009 I hope . . . .

To finish a 104 mile bike ride, in one day.
Work on that whole budget thing
Chill (ever so slightly, more)
Take that Mom and Dad break

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Race Fam said...

Sounds like some good resolutions to me. I am refusing to make any, because I never follow through with any of them! I hope you all have an awesome 2009 and take one of those well deserved mom and dad breaks!