January 02, 2009

Where's The Green? Project One

As I said before one of the biggest problems in our home office is cords. One of the most irritating set of cords was the USB cords. They were a dusty pile of cords that lived behind my computer. I was forever sifting through each and every USB until I found the needed one.

With this in mind we came up with the following solution.

Step one:

Cute "green" box purchased at JoAnn's. It was originally 9.99, however the day I bought the cute "green" box it was on sale 40% off. Cute $5.00 box.

Step Two:

Drill a 1/2 inch whole in back of cute "green" box.

Step Three:

Placed inside, the cute "green" box, a USB hub. Which connected 7 USB's to our computer with 1 USB chord. We also used zip ties to keep the cords from becoming a tangled mess inside the box.

USB cords, ipod, scanner, video camera, digital camera, palm pilot, cell phone. . . . .

Step Four:

Closed the lid to the box and enjoyed a clutter free, cord free, desk. While still having cords assessable for everyday use. Yay, cute "green" boxes.

I've already used the cords several times and I love how easy and mess free this box is. Not to mention cute.

Husband staring at me to work on another, "Where's the green project?" I better post this and get to work.


Heather Bowles said...

That is pretty funny. I have lived here all my life, and I can say after Christmas I just wish it would get warm and the snow would go away. Maybe if I started skiing again I would enjoy it a little more. I do love to ski, it is just hard to take time if you have to find a babysitter, or fork out a grand if you take your kids with you. Oh well we will just pray it melts.

Sharla said...

I just want to know one thing...

How do you keep a 3 yr old from taking all the cords out of the "cute green box" and reassembling them in various parts of the house? Especially one particular such 3 yr old who LOVES and I mean LOVES anything with a plug on the end of it?

Oh yeah welcome to the "house of cords"