January 24, 2009


Today, I had to complete 30 miles on the bike.  As I was nearing the end of my ride, I couldn't help to question my sanity.  I mean, who in there right mind trains for a 100 mile bike ride? Also, isn't the fact that I am questioning my sanity, a sure sign that I am not the type of person to complete such a ride?

bike 1

I'm also very concerned with the fact that I am at 30 miles and questioning my sanity. What happens next week when I am required to complete 40 miles?  Is there some point in time that I will have ridden so many miles that I will cease the question why?


Is there a chance, I will gain enough courage, to tell the Exercise Nazi that she is crazy and I don't do 100 mile rides?


Finally, will I ever again have feeling in my rear?

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Emily said...

Thank you Krissi for this post. I ran/travelled seven miles on Saturday. I thought I might die. I've been training and yet felt like death. And I'm "committed" to running 26.2 in May? Really? Do I look insane? Apparently so!

Good luck on the training. You rock!