January 20, 2009

The Writing On The Wall

First of all let me start off by saying, "These are not good pictures."

Bad time of day, bad lighting, and subjects who were not interested in having their pictures taken.

The pictures aren't really the point of this post anyway.  They are only serving as an illustration to my point.

All right, moving on.

I have two children who are 16 months apart.  I know ridiculous close.  I figured that out soon after the second was born.  However, what is done is done and today I have a boy A. who is 10 and a girl Al. who will be 9 in April.  My only Non-December baby.

This past weekend was a long weekend for my kids.  Which meant they had all of Monday to play and enjoy their day as they saw fit.

My son A. was enjoying a new game his brother and him bought.  He was enjoying the game with several friends.  Most of my other children were off with friends.

That is except for Al.


Al. decided to spend the day with her brother. Not playing the game.  No, she doesn't really play video games that often.  Just hanging out being a little sister.

I realize she doesn't know she is doing it, but if you walked into a room that looked like this, what would you think?


A room that contained your daughter, son and three of his buddies.

Now what if your daughter was smiling at your son's friends like this?


Now, what if instead of your son being 10 and your daughter being 9, they were 17 and 16, then what would you think of this situation?


I see the writing on the wall and I want to know right now how to change this path I'm on?


Me, Myself and I said...

Ohhhh. It's starting early. Well, at least he has good friends!

Nancy said...

16 months isn't so bad... my mom had 3 children in 37 months..

I'm a year a week and a day older than my brother, he's a year and three weeks older than my sister..

Then, she had a break, and had two more kids.

My mom was crazy.

Willow said...

Al is one smart girl!

Sharonda and Zaron said...

And so it begins! I'm sorry that I'm laughing. I didn't really expect it so young from Al. She's a cutie!

Hey, so are you guys coming on Saturday to our house for the big party? If so, what time is good for you? I am thinking of doing a taco bar, what do you think?

Sharla said...

All I can say is WOooo Weee Smart Girl. The fun was always where the boys are! I remember doing just this at her age.. and hmmm I sorta remember you were there for the ride when we hit 12 or so...