February 28, 2009

Girl Power

Today I finished reading a second great library find. The name of the book is "The Wednesday Sisters," by Meg Waited Clayton. It is a great story about friendship and the power and strength one can find in themselves when they have the right people in their lives. I would highly recommend this book to anyone.

The book begins in the 1960's with young mother's, whose identity is largely based on their husbands. It was an interesting read for a thirty something to realize how much the world has changed. Specifically, how much it has changed for women. These women are the same age as my mom. It was interesting and I have to admit a little sad to see how different the world was for women not that long ago. A lot of the years in the book hit home, especially as they began to enter the year I was born, or the year my husband was born, or the year I was three.

The main character in the book was a brilliant girl who was not allowed to go to college. Her father had to pay for four brother's to go to college. There was no reason in his opinion to waste money on the "girl" going to college.

Another character was crusader for change but along with being a crusader she was an athlete. It talks about her running and having to buy men's running shoes. They didn't make them for women. The story also mentioned the Boston marathon and how it did not allow women to run. 

I'm going to be 34 this year. It is amazing how much this world has changed in 34 years. When I walk into the store to buy running shoes I don't wonder if they will carry them for women. As I have prepared to ride in the "Little Red Ride," I never, not once, thought about a time that I wouldn't have been allowed to participate.

I appreciate that this story brought home to me that there is nothing that I can't do simply because I am women. I think I will spend the day enjoying the beauty and the power of being a women.

February 26, 2009

Biking 45 Miles!

Tomorrow or Today depending on which day you read this post I will be riding my bike 45 miles. Registering for the ride has made this journey to ride my bike 100 miles very real.  Since tomorrow will probably be one of my last rides indoors I have decided to Twit about it.
I'm not quite sure how my body is going to react to 45 miles and almost 3 hours on a bike. I'm pretty sure my head is going to be yelling bad words at me, at best. I'm sure there is going to be a lot of, this is crazy, what are you doing to yourself.  By Twitting about it I am going to feel a whole lot more accountable to get the ride done. Especially, if I feel there is any chance that people are logging on to see where I'm at and how it is going.
If your feeling inclined I should be on the bike by 1pm Mountain time Friday the 27th. Check it out and make sure I survive! 

bike 1

52 Blessings Challenge


Hello Friends!

I am so excited to post this weeks blessing post. I can not even express to you the joy that is currently in my heart. I am a very happy girl. The world seems better. There is nothing that could possibly bring my mood down.

Why, you ask am I in such a jovial mood?

Because friends, it is seed planting time! Yes, it is time to take tiny little seeds and foster them into pretty little pants that will either delight the eyes or the stomach. Depending on what seeds we are talking about.

Brent, I, and our two youngest just spent an hour ohhing, ahhing, and picking and choosing this years garden.

Here were mine and Al's choices!


Here are Brent's and H.'s choices!


My husband and son are bit more on the practical side but as you can see we should have a yard filled with pretties.


Be honest you know that I am going to drive you crazy with garden pictures this year so what do you want to watch grow? Vegies or Flowers? I'm betting flowers but of course I would wouldn't I?

I know that some of you are thinking, "Krissi didn't you already do a post that spring is coming blah, blah, blah followed by a nasty winter storm."

Yes, yes I did but thankfully these little seeds will start their life indoors. So Mother Nature if you decide to sucker punch us again (Below are pictures that were taken AFTER all the snow had melted and I had been all giddy with the promise of spring) I am prepared!


Just to end this post with a little reality check. Just in case you were wondering, "Does Krissi have a life she seems a little excited about seeds?"

This is a video of what I watch for entertainment

Admit it your jealous.

If you would like to join my 52 Blessings challenge click here.

(*Little Side Note, Willow has an awesome seed story that I am going to badger her into sharing in the comment section so be sure to watch the comments)

Lost in a Good Book!

Have you ever picked up a book by an author you have never read? A couple of days ago Brent and I went to the library. Brent is very organized when it comes to checking books out at the Library. First he request a book, when it comes in he goes to the library, he then checks the shelves for any other books by the author he is currently reading, he then checks out his books. Why the boy never joined the military I'm not sure.

As previously discussed I am more the grab and go girl. I walk down the aisle going, "Hum this looks interesting, this looks interesting, huh that is a clever title." Before long my arms are loaded and I am ready to go. 

So far I have started two of the library books that I picked up. The first one I am on page 10. All I know for certain is that some old guy was killed in a church. Besides that I haven't been able to follow the story. I find that the author must have amazing skills if I am lost by page 3. 

What, who, wait a minute, is that a guy character or a girl character? Are they talking to themselves? Are they talking out loud is that happening today, yesterday or early tomorrow. I'm rather impressed that I am so confused. I keep reading the jacket (which by the way, I never do, I think jackets give away to many clues) trying to figure out what detail I missed. I think there is a very good possibility that the jacket is on the wrong book.

I'm deciding if I am going to keep reading the silly thing or take it back to library ASAP.

The second book I started reading is, "The Edge of Winter," by Luanne Rice. I haven't read any of her books before but I have seen her name a lot. All I have to say about this book is I loved it. Yes, loved! As in it was so good that I picked it up at 7:30 this morning and did not put it down until I finished 400 hundred and something pages.

Why is it impossible to put down a good book? What exactly do we think is going to happen once we put the book down? Are all the characters going to run away? Is the story going to re write itself and be less appealing?

Meanwhile, the laundry is yelling at me, "Hey you! Yah you! If you don't do the laundry TODAY! Everyone is going to be wearing day old underwear tomorrow."

I keep on telling it to sush I'm reading. Laundry can be real loud when it wants attention.

In fact after sitting down to write this post it has actually started screaming. GEE! I guess I should go pay attention it is so demanding.

February 25, 2009

The Health Nut!

The truth is everybody should know at least one health nut. They are good for us, they tell us things that we didn't know. So instead of feeling just a little guilty, when we eat something we suspect might not be good for us, we feel a lot guilty because now we know it is not good for us. In the long run it helps us to make better food choices or at least know we are killing ourselves. Rather then just suspecting we might be killing ourselves.

In my neighborhood we have one such health nut. Who I am positive will out live us all by at least 50 years. Obviously I haven't gotten to the point that giving up my favorite foods is worth a longer life. I'm pretty sure life with out my favorite foods would not be worth an extra year or two.

However, I have to admit that I am impressed with her dedication. I'm also impressed with the knowledge she has about food. It is amazing what she knows and what she has learned. At times it is also amusing. A little bit ago her and I had the following conversation about Splenda:

Her: If your not eating sugar what kind of sweetner are you using?

Me: Splenda!

Her: Tell me your kidding.

Me: Nope, I love Splenda. My kids love Splenda. We have it all the time.

Her: Krissi, do you know how they make Splenda?

Me: Nope, more than likely I don't want to either.

Her: Krissi, (You know when someone keeps using your name it is not a good thing) they make Splenda by dividing sugar molecules and then combining them with chlorine.

Me: Huh, really. I can live with that.

Her: Krissi (Yup that is my name) if you eat Splenda you might as well go to a public pool and drink the water.

Me: "Smiling," Okay.

Friend listening to the conversation, begins to laugh, says, "Yah, Krissi you wouldn't want to go drink pool water.

Me: You know I really am okay with the chlorine

Her: "Shocked" Krissi (YESSSS!! That is my name) Do you really think it is okay to drink pool water?

Me: Whether I think it is okay or not I do it everyday of the week. My children also get more then there fair share of chlorine. We swim all of us swim. I teach swim lessons. 

Her: Oh! So your probably okay with Chlorine

Me: Yup (Smile)

I still get a chuckle out of this conversation. Made me realize to that we all have a different perspective on good and bad.

February 24, 2009

An Amazing World

The CDW had this link to this video check it out. Tell me it isn't all true!

Talkin Back

Me, Myself and I has left a new comment on your post "Talkin Back":

You're welcome. Your picture linkage way of posting actually taught me how to do other things. But I'm glad I could show you a short cut.

Me: Really What did you learn? Share I want to know.

Sharla has left a new comment on your post "Lom Bok, Eastern Inspired Living":

Funny.. My room is currently the color of the cashmere throw. It's beautiful. ;) Good Choice.

Me: I knew you had good taste!

Larson has left a new comment on your post "4:40am":

I so hear you! I went through all the above when I used to go spinning with my friend at 5:30am. It really helped having someone to go with. I need you closer! You could help me go again! It is cold in the morning and hard to get up to exercise but yep it always feels great when it's over!

Me: ☺ It totally helps having someone go to the gym with. Even if you don’t roll out of bed for yourself you think of the person waiting for you. It can be very motivating. I’m pretty sure if we worked out together you would totally kick my but. You being a runner and all. I like how a friend put it when she said she had no fast muscles. That made me laugh because I don’t think I have any muscles that move fast.

Emily has left a new comment on your post "4:40am":

Oh your good! and dedicated! and just a little bit nuts! WHY, oh why, do you work out that early when ALL your kids are in full day school now? I must admit, I'm a little confused. Impressed and confused. Kudos!

p.s. posted blessing #7 today

Me: Totally nuts! I 100% agree I use to workout at 9am everyday. But then as more and more of kids started going to school there were to many days that I had to do something in the morning. I started loosing my workouts and before long I back slid and wasn’t working out at all.

Then I started working. Though I work a very small amount of hours it took away all my workout time. So I started going at 5. Amazingly enough it rarely interferes with anything more than sleeping.

P.S. Thanks for participating I have loved seeing your blessings. Stay tuned I have an idea for a contest brewing I just need to come up with a prize.

Louise has left a new comment on your post "4:40am":

Wow, that is really something. I wish I could pull that off, but you know, its too early, too cold and..... ;o)

We also have gotten a ton of snow here in Copenhagen and I keep wondering why, when it is supposed to get warmer not colder!

Me: Snow.. AHH!!!! I am really ready for Spring warmer weather. We are suppose to get up to 50 today, that is almost a heat wave. In a few months I will be able to jog outside. I can hardly wait. Nothing like watching the sun come up while your out jogging.

Angie has left a new comment on your post "52 Blessings Challenge":

Ashlie, you are the best. I seriously fell off my chair because I was laughing so hard. :)

Me, Myself and I has left a new comment on your post "52 Blessings Challenge":

Awww. *tear.

I had too much fun making that picture.

Me: Ashlie you are great! Im still giggling about that map.

Brock has left a new comment on your post "52 Blessings Challenge":

I wondered why Ashlie ran though my backyard!

Me: She had to test her map. She didn’t want to give any one the wrong directions!

Angie has left a new comment on your post "SwimMom":

Very cool! You should be very proud of her, Krissi!

Heather Bowles has left a new comment on your post "SwimMom":

Super Fun. I want to swim.

Me, Myself and I has left a new comment on your post "SwimMom":

That was fun to watch.

Larson has left a new comment on your post "SwimMom":

Wow she is awesome! When is her next event? We would love to come watch!!! Congrats!

Me: I love watching S. swim she acts and looks like it is as natural to her as walking. That has always amazed me about her swimming. Last night she came home with a fistful of ribbons from this meet. A. did too. He is really doing good. We are going to a meet in a couple of weeks hopefully I can catch a video of him in action. Also, State is at the end of March in Bountiful S. is super excited.

Race Fam has left a new comment on your post "My Reply":

I agree, lets be positive.


Heather Bowles has left a new comment on your post "Registered! What Have I done?":

Oh are we supposed to register for that. I did not know this. I thought maybe you do it as a group or something. Do you have to put down what you are doing for sure? I don't know what I am doing yet.

Me: Yup! Time to register. Are we crazy or what?

February 23, 2009

the SwimMom Question

I grew up in Utah. I lived in the same town that my parents grew up in. I lived in the same town that my grandmother grew up in.  My sophomore year of high school I went to the same high school my parents went to.

My junior year of high school my parents both faced very difficult job decisions that meant we had to move. So at the end of the first quarter of my Junior year we moved to Kansas. At the end of the school year we moved to California.

In three years I attended three different high schools.

A couple of months ago at the request of a friend I joined facebook. I wasn't really sure what to expect, I went through the steps, signed up, posted a pictured filled in a bit of info and I was done.  I didn't give it much thought as I began to add friends. They were the people that asked me join so it made sense to me. Then suddenly I had a request to add a friend from high school (my first high school). 

Which made me chuckle, and giggle and think, "Wow, I haven't seen her in like forever." I tried to figure it out but I ran out of fingers and toes. So I accepted her as a friend and before long there was another request and another and another. 

My facebook friends have suddenly become an overview of my life. The places I've been, the things I have done, and the people I've met.

It is all very cool, this person I know from Utah, this one I know from California, this one I grew up with, this one I'm related to, this person was my maid of honor, this one is my next door neighbor, this one is my son's school teacher.

I say it is cool until they all start tagging you. Tag's who invented, "tags?" Then the tag is something like write a memory. What, huh, memory? Memory about what? Memory about you and me? Ohhh! Well there was the time, oh no, that's not you. Well how about, no not you again. 

It is making me feel like old age has claimed my memory. Then just when I thought it couldn't get worse the tag starts going around about high school. What did you do on Friday night? Did you date anyone from your school? Where did you eat lunch?

When, what year? I'm confused!

So here is the deal people, I don't do tags! There to difficult they hurt my head. I don't remember, don't I get credit for remembering you? I am not going to tell you if I have ever been skinny dipping (yet another tag) I'm not going to tell you what I watch on TV (because I'm boring)and there is just way to much that can be used to black mail me. I have a good girl rep that I am trying to build (I mean keep).

I mean do you want to tell me if you have been skinny dipping? Seriously, have you? 

That's a swim question, right?

Registered! What Have I done?

I'm just home from the gym. My legs are shaky, my shirt is sweaty, and my muscles are loose. Saturday, I biked almost 30 miles on a hill before getting off the hill and finishing up at 35 miles. This morning I went for a nice 70 minute jog. (Legs are not HAPPY!)

Last night before going to bed I registered for "Little Red." Paid my non-refundable registration fee.

Needless to say I'm what you would called, "FREAKED!" Holy Cow what have I gotten myself into, a 100 mile bike ride.  Do you know that this ride will actually take me out of one state into another and back. Does that sound insane? Who gets up and says hey lets ride our bikes to that state over there and back? I think I have officially lost my mind.

How does one know for sure if they have lost there mind? Short of registering for a 100 mile bike ride. Do you know people do these all the time? They do them for fun! Maybe that is the definition of insane.

Well what is done is done and I have 16 weeks and 805 training miles to go. Pray for melted snow and a couple of nice days so I can get a mile or two of those 805 outside.  Back later with a question for y'all.

Unless you think the question should be, "Do you think Krissi is officially nuts?"

February 20, 2009

My Reply

In our ward every Sunday in Sunday school we get to listen to the older generation tell us how bad the world is getting, we are further treated to how badly behaved the children are, and what a bad job the parents are doing in the world today. I use to leave church every Sunday feeling defeated. If I work this hard and it is wrong then why am I even trying?

Then I began to remember what I had been taught. First, every generation becomes more divided. The weak are becoming weaker the strong are becoming stronger. We have faithful, good, honest, people coming into this world daily. Another thing I believe, is while I believe in my faith, and the teachings of my faith, there are strong people of every faith coming forth. Sometimes the weak seem to overwhelm the strong but in the end the strong the faithful the good people of this world will persevere. 

We have children growing up and becoming some of the greatest people of history. All of this is made possible by the people that they come from. By the parents, grandparents, and great grandparents that help shape and build their lives. We are living in a time where we are blessed to have multiple generations shaping the lives of our children. 

Obviously this country is in trouble there is no question. But do we help by focusing all of our energy in to the bad? I wish that I had control over what congress does but I don't. All I can do is try to raise my children to be strong, to face problems head on.

The World War II generation has been called, "The greatest generation," because they stood up to one of the hardest times in American history. They survived and lived as examples. Examples, of fighting for what they believed in, surviving with less, and serving a country they believed in.

In my ever to be humble opinion the work of the Lord is not complete. In order for that work to be completed he will continue to bring forth strong people. We all walk a path of our own choosing and we decide if we walk that path in light or in darkness.


Most of the time I ramble on and on with very little clarification of why I am theSwimMom. Like most mom's that is only a portion of what and who I am. So you get a lot of the other and very little of the actual "Swim" part.

However, when it comes down to it I do consider myself a swim mom. I drag my children to the pool on a daily bases. I spend my weekends driving all over to attend meets. I know what a heat is, I know what an event is, most days I even know the order of an I.M.. I know what I.M. stands for.

Being involved in the sport of swim has opened many doors for myself and my children. Including, leading me to my job as a swim instructor. I love swimming and I try not to bore the world in general, though I'm sure I do, with the swimming details of my life.

But I am a swim mom. Last weekend we attended a swim meet where I watched two of my children compete.

The best thing about swimming is every time your at a meet there is only one person you are trying to beat. You are trying to beat you, you are trying to swim each event faster than you did last time. You can come in dead last and it is still exciting because you came in seconds faster then last time. 

One reason I love swim, the challenge of improving yourself.  It is also pretty cool when you get to the point that you come in faster then everybody else. It is really fun as a mom to watch. Below is a video of S. swimming the 50 fly. You will notice she kind of smoked everyone and dropped a couple seconds off her best while she was at it.  This meet was a huge success for her and she will be attending state in a couple of weeks. Currently she is qualified in every event that a 11-12 year old can be qualified in.

A. is coming up behind her as he grows and develops his strokes are improving and his potential can be seen. Developing a son and a daughter in the same sport has offered some challenges. We have to be extra careful not to compare and even more careful to not let them compare.  S. pretty much kicks A.'s but right now. Someday I think that will change.

Meanwhile I am enjoying watching them both succeed and grow into swimmers.

Hope you enjoy the video.

February 19, 2009

52 Blessings Challenge

I am bound and determined that another Thursday will not slip through the cracks. I can't quite figure out where the weeks go. It seems like everyday there is this or that and before I know it this and that and that and this have ate the whole week. 

Sometimes the thought of continuing to keep all of these balls in the air is overwhelming. How do mom's do this? I'm working on the whole, one day at a time, attitude.  It helps to take things in 24 hour chunks. If I think any farther out I start hyperventilating. 

Brent's job is still slow, which we were expecting, so not a big surprise. The news has officially been banned from the house. It is so frustrating to hear what is going on and have no control over it. I could go into a whole rant but it doesn't do any good. But who knows a good rant could make me feel better.:)

To tell you the truth this whole blessing challenge has really helped me. It helps because I look at my life and figure out all the parts that are good. Leaves me a little less time to focus on the parts that aren't so good, or that I have no control over. It helps me to read your blessings and say, "Oh yah, that is good too." For example, Emily's post today, all about Mama time. Mama time is a pretty cool part about being a mom. 

Today, happens to be the third week of the month. Most months this means that tonight is my book club night. Which means that I get to go to a friends house and have a fun night of book talk. Well not so much book talk but girl talk. We read books, we have a book each month, but all of us seem to take our own time getting to the book.  Which is cool. We still enjoy the company.

It is a night of mom talk, swapping ideas, talking over recent events. Not so much the whole world events but our little world events. A heated political discussion happens occasionally but most of the time we end up talking about our kids, our husbands, our lives. We tell stories, laugh at each other, and enjoy the kind of friendships that women offer each other.

It is nice and for a girl with no sisters (sister-n-laws but no sisters:)) it is kind of like having a whole group of sisters. My blessing this week is my sisters by proxy. 

This morning as I typed this I realized I didn't really have a picture to go along with this post. So I saved the post and went to work and thought about what I should do. When I got I home I still hadn't figured it out. Then I opened my email and found the following email from one of the book club gals.

"On the GAB Night blog Krissi asked if anyone needed directions to book club on Feb 19. I responded that, yes, I needed a map showing the back way from my house to hers (we live on the same block, in case you didn't know). Well, on the follow up post (to say that book club had been moved to Heather L's) Krissi put me in charge of the map making. A job that I took very seriously. A map is attached."

I only have a few email addresses. Send it along, so that we can make sure everybody gets there tonight.


If you click on the map you will see a rather detailed map on how to get from Ashlie's house to my house, to Heather's house with very little sidewalk use. I laughed and laughed and thought see that is why I love my friends. They make me laugh and keep me looking at the lighter side of life. Just so you know this is an actual google earth image of our neighbor hood. All of my friends have no sense of doing anything half way. 

Hope your having a great Thursday if you would like to join the 52 Blessing Challenge click here.

February 18, 2009


4:40 am! That is the time that my alarm sounds. I hate 4:40 am. However, because my alarm goes off at 4:40 am, I drag myself out of bed, thinking lots and lots of bad words. With a whole stream of reasons why I should not be out of bed flowing amongst those bad words.

Then I somehow manage to put my contacts in. Which at 4:45 am in the morning is not an easy task.  Even my eyeballs rebel against the cruel and unusual punishment of being open let alone being subjected to contacts at 4:47 am. 

Somehow with minimal stumbling I manage to dress and leave my house by 4:55. By this time my brain is a little more awake and a little more accepting of the 4:40 wake up call. Most mornings I swing by and grab a friend or she swings by and grabs me. Just depends on who is moving a little quicker at this ridiculous hour.

We drive to the gym complaining about the stupid snow and how winter has to end eventually. We really don't understand the whole concept of global warning when there is a foot of snow sitting on our previously snowless yards. It is 5:00 in the morning, it is cold, we are tired, and whose idea is it to be out of bed in the cold anyway.

5:05 we are at the gym walking in the dark through the frozen parking lot. We are hit with a blast of warmth as we walk in to the gym. Which sends a message to your brain, warm must go back to sleep. Whatever, no sleep your at the gym. 

The gym is actually at a pool the pool is downstairs the gym is upstairs. After clocking in there is a two story climb up stairs to get to the machines. Stupid stairs, I swear it is the hardest part of my workout each day. Who wants to climb two flights of stairs at 5:10 in the morning. I could use the elevator but that makes me feel like a pansy. Would a person who uses the elevator at the gym be at the gym at 5:10 in the morning?

Today is spin day. Which means we head to the spin room. Set up the bike, climb on to the bike and start moving our legs. Today's instructor is Melissa who thankfully is not a, "Isn't it great to be here at 5:15am in the morning girl." She looks and drags herself in just as bed raggled as the rest of us. At least there is that.

She tells you to start warming up and every part of your body says, "NO GO HOME GO TO BED." It is 5:15 I am awake, I am at the gym, I am on the bike, and I still don't want to be. Pretty soon the class is going, up hill, down hill, fast, faster, fastest, up the hill, stand up, sit down, go, go, go. 

No time to think about sleeping have to concentrate on breathing. It is 6:15 and I  am finally allowed to slow down. Sweat is dripping into my eyes, running down my back, it even looks like I am entered into a wet t-shirt contest. Scary! My nose is running, my heart is beating fast, and best of all the endorphins are soaring.

It is 6:20 am my muscles are loose, my mood is up, I am walking to my car as the sun is rising. All I am thinking is, "I love getting up at 4:40am!"

February 17, 2009

Lom Bok, Eastern Inspired Living

The problem with home improvement projects once you finish one project your eye instantly goes to the next. One deep breath, one, “Wow that looks awesome,” and then you say, “However, I really need to figure out what to do with….”

Luckily I am married to a man who does the same thing. He doesn’t really fret much with my constant list of home improvement projects. On the list right now is a much, desired red wall. I really want to paint one wall in my home, red, red, red. Currently, the wall is chosen and samples of red paint are taped on the wall as I figure out which one is going to be, “The Red!”

Next on the list is our bedroom, which keeps getting bumped on the list. “Why,” may I ask, “Is it mom and dad’s room always ends up last on the list?” This time I am saving my pennies and I am going to do our room. One way or the other I am going to create a space that I can retreat to as the children around me grow bigger and consume more space and energy.

While I am saving those pennies I have been searching, dreaming, and creating our bedroom. Whenever I am asked how I choose colors to paint I tell people I find something I love and go from there. Which is why I was so excited when I found this website, Lom Bok, Eastern Inspired Living, and within this website this cashmere throw.

Not that I am a cashmere throw gal. With four children, a cat, and a very large dog, I would constantly be fretting. However, as long as I am dreaming I can dream that I am cashmere girl, can’t I? I can also show you a few more of my favorites. For example these mirrors

I’m also in love with this screen.

Looking at the lamps and lamp shades I can't decide which one I like best. How many lamps can you have in a room before you have too many?

I'm thinking that my room might need a fire place just so I can have one of these log baskets

If I must be practical I wouldn’t mind this laundry basket

In my mind I see a beautiful, peaceful, beach resort/spa room. I am now picturing the room painted a soft sand color, with blue accessories. The same blue as the cashmere throw. That I am now picturing myself cuddled in. Cuddled in and pretending that the real world does not exist. I think I could easily pretend peace and serenity why cuddled in cashmere throw.

I am now officially at the stage where I don’t want to save pennies. In fact I think I want to go figure out how much all these beautiful things translate to in American dollars. Then figure out how to get them to America. No fair Lom Bok, you have teased me with your beautiful offerings. Where is an American store?

On the other hand how cool would it be to post a post in which I say this is my beautiful mirror I had shipped from the UK. Yes, silly as it sounds it would make me feel cool. I’m off to do a little more daydreaming. Meanwhile you really should go check out Lom Bok.

February 16, 2009

Talkin Back


Remember me? I know that not everyone post every day but seeing as I post almost everyday missing a few days seems like forever. Because I know that you all can't live with out my cheery optimism. (You get I'm kidding?) 

Anyway, believe it or not this post has been sitting on my computer since Friday I just had to add a few pics in and I am just getting to it. Very busy weekend and I'm beat. By the way went to swim meet on Saturday and it looks like I may have figured out the whole taking pictures at indoor sporting event things. I was very excited to find out that I might have actually gotten some good indoor pics. Aren't you excited?

Your not? Oh, well too bad you still have to look at the pictures and be excited for me! 


I had decided that your comments make me laugh and often I want to respond back and I don't get around to it.  So for now on I am going to try to respond back on Friday. Unless, it turns into Monday but you know I try, right? 

Without further ado here I am Talkin Back!

Happy Monday.

Willow has left a new comment on your post "Punked by Mother Nature!":

Here, the robin is the harbinger of spring. The cute, happy bird shows up, hops around, builds nests, and signals the coming of spring. The 8 months I was in Utah, I learned that even the robin lies! I saw too many birds hopping along snow covered lawns, chirping, singing, and signaling a spring thaw that never came (I think that year we had snow in June!).

DOn't worry... spring will come, someday.

Me: Have I mentioned that my friends in warm weather states are no longer allowed to tell me how warm they are. It is my first official Blog rule. If your warm and I'm freezing keep it to yourself. :)

4kidsandcrazy has left a new comment on your post "Punked by Mother Nature!":

It is BEAUTIFUL! I love the snow. It really just makes me smile to look out and see it. I hope you are feeling better today!

Me: Rule #2 Do not damper my complaining with optimism. 

Emily has left a new comment on your post "Punked by Mother Nature!":

I'm not speaking to mother nature right now. I think we deserve chocolate and flowers for her tricky behavior. Winter is 99%horrid! Blah!

Me: Finally! Willow, 4 kids and crazy, this is how you are suppose to respond to my complaining. Emily wins! I'm not sure what she wins, I take that back, she wins a lunch with me where we can complain the whole time about winter. While the snow is beautiful and it is warm here people can't interrupt us with cheery winter speak.

4kidsandcrazy has left a new comment on your post "the SwimMom Question":

I'm definitely was a cuddly person until I discovered that in my hubby's world that meant it led to one thing. I'm no longer a cuddly person unless its my children and only for so long.

Me: LOL!!! Okay, this yet another reason Brent does not get hugs as often as he would like.  I think "Hug" in guy language means something different than in girl language.

Heather Bowles has left a new comment on your post "the SwimMom Question":

I would say I  only cuddle at certain times. If I am just in one of those moods fine, but I would say over all not very cuddly. I love hugs from the kids and some times I will let them lean on me while watching TV but I can get annoyed sometimes with this. You know some times I just want to go to sleep. DONT TOUCH.

Me: I am fairly touchy with my children and I do appreciate a hug and affection from them. However, I do have a line where I will finally have had enough.

Race Fam has left a new comment on your post "the SwimMom Question":

I have no choice but to be a touchy feelly person, since I married Brad! I do love hugs from him and family but I never like to hug other people I get very uncomfortable and make sure my body doesn't touch theirs!

Me: :) I was blown over to hear someone in Brent's family was not huggy.  I thought it was in the genes to hug everyone. Hugging without the body not touching thing, that made me laugh, I thought I was the only one who did that.

Emily has left a new comment on your post "the SwimMom Question":

I'm a touchy person with Sean and Heidi. We all love to give family hugs and cuddle together. I don't like being around touchy people that I don't know very well though. That's a little creepy!
I'll try to remember not to give you a hug next time I see you. :)

Me: Don't worry about the hugging me thing, I have ways of getting out of family hugs. Brent rolls his eyes at me every time we go anywhere his family is.  I've learned to push him and the kids in front of me and while everyone has them in hugs slip in behind them.  It works 9 out of 10 times.  Just because you all are reading don't think you can catch me on the slip because I have had 14 years of perfecting this move. :) 

Me, Myself and I has left a new comment on your post "the SwimMom Question":

I'm not a touchy person, and I second what 4Kids said.

Me: :) Lol, you crack me up!

Emily has left a new comment on your post "the SwimMom Question":

Why did the guy have to sit right next to you? I hate that. BACK OFF BUD! I'm a personal space person but not quite as hard core as you are. Expect for when my kids are hanging on me and I would love for them to love me from about 10 feet away.

Me: I have no idea why he sat next to me.  I hope it was because I was close to where his kids were swimming. However, sometimes I think people are just creepy. 

Heather Bowles has left a new comment on your post "Beautiful!":

Very cool, they look really nice.

Race Fam has left a new comment on your post "Beautiful!":

Wow, you have your own library, so cool!

SAS has left a new comment on your post "Beautiful!":

Very nice, why don't you come over and organize my books?!

Me, Myself and I has left a new comment on your post "Beautiful!":

Your wall of books looks great!

Emily has left a new comment on your post "Beautiful!":

Those are super gorgeous and oh so custom. Good work y'all!

Me: Thank you for all the nice comments.  I do love my wall of books and while we were putting them up we indexed them all on goodreads.  Which means we now know exactly all the books we have.  You have to love technology. SAS though I would love to help you organize your books did I mention what my soldiers felt like shelving all those books.  I didn't have to lift weights for a week. I couldn't lift weights for a week. Not to mention the commute would be a killer. Emily, I'm not a girl who gets flowers for valentines, jewelry for my anniversary, more then a nod at my birthday. However, when I ask for bookshelves I get BEAUTIFUL bookshelves. Somehow it works for us.

Emily has left a new comment on your post "Beautiful!":

On your left side bar you have clickable or HOT pictures. How do you do that? Will you teach me/us how? Please!

Step One: Using your favorite photo editing program create a button that will fit in your side bar.  My pics are 165 px by 165 px

Step Two: Save your button

Step Three: Go to the Layout option on your blog. Click on "Add a Gadget."

Step Four: Click Add Picture

Step Five: Add Picture

Step Six: There is an option that says Link, type in the link you want the picture to take you to.

Easy right? I had a much more complicated way to do it. However, Ashlie taught me this way was much easier. Thanx Ash!

Willow has left a new comment on your post "Soapbox":

Oooh, I love a good soap box! So, when my husband was on his mission, according to legend, he would wake every morning and do combat with his self-confidence demons. This took the form of a brief pep-talk. In the morning he would peer into the mirror, look firmly into his own eyes, and say out loud, "how can I be so d@#* beautiful?!?"

I think to help you climb that hill, you should hold a similar pep-talk with yourself. It couldn't hurt, right? =)

Me: LOL! You do have a beautiful husband? So you know how could he not ask that question?However, I love the lesson in this comment. Don't be suprised in a few weeks, when I report that after a week of asking this very question, how my self confidence improved.:)  

February 12, 2009

52 Blessings Challenge


If you read my kid update post last week you might have noticed that I said the following, in regards to A. and swimming, "Against his wishes, desire and will continues to swim."

One part of being a mom that I was not prepared for was the times that I know better.  Those times that your child tells you they are unhappy, they tell you that they must quit in order to be happy, that by not letting them quit you are ruining their life.

However, in the back of your a head a little voice says over and over, "Bull!"

This has been the battle that A. and I have had since September.  Over and over he has told me how miserable swim makes him. Over and over we have battled about going to swim.  The whole time I knew swim was good for him.  The whole time he told me it wasn't. 

It is a very long and complicated story about why I wouldn't let him quit. Let's just say that I knew I shouldn't.

On Monday he came home from swim in an unusually good mood. Which made me realize that we hadn't had a swim battle in over a week. He had even agreed to swim at swim meet without being tricked into it. After dinner I pulled him aside and said, "Umm, have you changed your mind about swim." He just looked at me with a crooked grin. I continued, "You seem like you are actually enjoying swim." 

He then said, "I got moved up today." 

(moved up=there are 6 lanes of swimmers 1-6, 1 being the newbies, kids just coming onto the swim team. You have to earn your spot in each lane, you do this by improving, A. is now in lane 3)

"You got moved up." 

"Yup, I was killing everyone in my lane and Nikki (coach) moved me up." 

"She did."

 "Yup, you know mom I'm pretty good swimmer."

 "Yah, I know." 

So this weeks blessing is pay checks. As a mom you are constantly trying to figure out what is best for your children. Sometimes you are sure that you are doing it all wrong. There are plenty of people not to mention your own children who are willing to agree that you are doing it all  wrong. 

Then one day you get a pay check. A six month battle ends with your kid saying, "I'm a pretty good swimmer." A place he would have never gotten to if I had let him quit. 

I am grateful that every now and then I get a sign that I am doing something right.


If you would like to join my 52 blessings challenge click here.

February 11, 2009


When we emptied out the office, we filled 10 boxes to the brim and over with books.  We had outgrown our existing bookshelves and were starting to pile books on the floor.  

We knew that the books had to find a new home and preferably new shelving.

I have always had a dream of having a whole wall of books. I found having books fall to the ground every time Brent walked by assisted in Brent sharing my dream.

We decided that our downstairs front room was going to be our best bet. However, up until recently we had used the room mainly for hiding the kids and their messes.

By the way, this room has no windows (no natural light) so taking pictures was a lesson in frustration.  I have to apologize now for the less than perfect pics.

Here is the wall we chose. Notice kid junk, boxes (housing books) and a fan that should have been put in storage 4 months ago. (Keeping it real people)


The next two pics are a sample of how many shelves had to be painted.  Each one had to be primed and then given two coats of paint. It was lots of fun! 

No, it really wasn't but I didn't mind because I was very excited to get my bookcase.



The next two pics are of the wall treatment we did behind the bookcase. Thanks to the lighting and my less than steller photo skills, this is as good as the pics got.  Sorry. 

Just incase you didn't recognize it, this is the Root Beer color used in the office.


This is the Root Beer color covered with a Java color.  It kind of looks like a leather wall now.  I love it.

I wanted to do it in the office upstairs. Brent said, "NO!'

After I finished downstairs (I didn't ask this time) he came home from work and said, "Wow, you should have done that upstairs."

I didn't say anything, but I bet you can guess what kind of look I gave him.


Here are my b e a u t i f u l book shelves. They are awesome. I love them, it is in the top ten of my all time favorite things. My husband rocks. 

Remind me that I said that from time to time, okay.


Here are my bookshelves loaded with books and because I had the room our DVD's and if you will notice there are empty shelves. There are also shelves, many, many shelves with lots more room on them. Barnes and Nobles called and personally thanked Brent.


Not really, but they should. :)

February 09, 2009


Some of you may be wondering, why Tuesday’s have all the sudden become; Krissi gives the blog world a sermon day? I know that over the last few weeks I have sounded, well, a little preachy. That is not my intention.

Mainly, my intention is to figure out how to be more optimistic. Figure out how to have more confidence in myself. Figure out how to become the person I want to become. So as you are reading Tuesday’s post keep in mind the following. When I say we, I mean me. When I say you, I mean I.

It is just easier for me to pretend that I have all of this figured out than to admit there are mornings I can’t even put my pants on right.

Okay, see there I go lying again. I can put my pants on right, just sometimes. . . they don’t fit, which brings on all kinds of downward spiraling attitudes. Which do little more then make my day crappy. I mean week, okay, okay, I mean month. I need a Twinkie, to much honesty here, I defiantly deserve some chocolate. Who cares that my pants don’t fit.

(Have you ever noticed how easily I am sidetracked?)

Back to the purpose of Tuesday post, my hope is that by taking a look at those attitudes that cause downward spirals, the negative attitudes that keep us (us=me) from making positive changes, or accomplishing new and exciting things.

Oh all right, accomplishing the things I should accomplish.

Geeee give a girl a break!

I can take on the world with a smile and a can do attitude. Not my strong point I assure you.

I figure that by sending these proclamations, theories, this is the way to do it, out into the web universe; I am more accountable to do what I say. I mean really how would it look if I said, “Go climb that hill, you can do it.” Then sat on the sidelines saying, “Nope, not me, aint going to do it, you can’t make me.”

So even though I have not perfected my climb the hill, you can do it attitude, I am working on it. Sorry about the soap box but you know what there is plenty of room up here if you would like to join me.

the SwimMom Question

Would you like to know the one area of my marriage that struggles above all others? Well more then likely it would have to be the issue of personal space.

From the time I was young I have had issues with people entering my space. My mom will tell you that I have been this way from birth. Hollering until I was put down and left alone. I have often thought that the use of a bubble that restricted contact within so many feet would be an awesome invention.

On Saturday, after I finished my bike ride for the week, the kids asked to go swimming. Since all of them can swim on their own, and after a 40 mile bike ride I did not want to swim, I decided to do a little writing while they swam. At the pool we swim at, and I work at, there are two long cement benches. They span the entire length of the lap pool so they are 25 yards long each. As I sat down, the kids ran and jumped into the pool, and I went to work writing. Looking up now and then and making sure every one was accountable for.

After about 10 minutes a man came up and asked if someone was sitting next to me. I looked up and shook my head no and went back to writing. However, soon after he sat down my skin began to crawl. My arms began to itch and I started getting very irritated.

You see the benches were not crowded. There was maybe 15 people total on both benches. There were plenty of places to sit; he did not have to sit right next to ME. My writing mojo was killed. I grabbed a book and tried to read. Again I was too distracted and irritated to read.

After taking several breaths in an attempt to calm down I started to laugh at myself. You may think that my behavior is restricted to strangers that sit to close but you would be wrong. I am not a huggy person, I am not a touchy person, and I am not the type of person that enjoys either. In fact not only do I not enjoy it, it makes my skin crawl, my arms itch and the hairs on my head vibrate.

However, I am married to what I term, “a touchy, feely, give me a hug person.” I can not tell you how many times I have dodged hugs from my husband. I hear the collective gasp. I hear you thinking what a mean wife. I’m sure Dr. Laura has a whole lecture memorized and ready to go for wives like me.

It doesn’t matter how much I would like to change. The fact remains I am a personal space person. I am a, do not pass this line person. Hugs will give me the creepy crawlies and touching makes me want to take 5 steps back.

I’m a weirdo I get it. Which makes this weeks, the SwimMom question, are you a touchy, feely person or a personal space person? Are you different then your spouse? How do you deal with that difference?

Punked by Mother Nature!

Remember my whole January thaw, mother natures joke, not going to fall for it again, post. Well she got a little trickier this year. She gave us quite a few weeks of nice weather, she was even kind enough to melt almost all the snow out of our yard.  On Friday when I posted my signs of spring post I really believed that we were going to get an early spring.  I was very excited and very happy that spring was on the way.

Woke up this morning to several inches of snow. 


Okay, Mother Nature, Ha ha ha you got me. 

I've been punked by Mother Nature.

February 08, 2009


Coughing, sneezing, not breathing, not sleeping, hurting everywhere. Have I mentioned that I hate winter.

February 06, 2009

52 Blessings Challenge

Snowy, Flowy, Blowy,
Showery,Flowery, Bowery,
Hoppy, Croppy, Droppy,
Breezy, Sneezy, Freezy.

George Ellis 'The Twelve Months.'

If there is one thing that I love about Utah it is the constantly changing scenery.   You never have a chance to get bored because before you know it everything starts to change.

Regardless, of Phil the groundhogs proclamation of six more weeks of winter, the proof that spring is coming, are starting to show.

Which makes that happy place inside of me glow and do a little dance.

While the snow is beginning to melt the trees are showing signs of leaves to come.



There are tiny little tulip and spring flower sprouts all over my yard. Which makes me anxious and excited to begin gardening.  Be warned if you thought last summers post were a little heavy on the garden post. 

Meanwhile, the sun pouring in through the windows just makes me close my ideas and soak up the rays.

Which means this weeks blessing post is brought to you by the signs of spring.

If you would like to join my 52 blessing challenge click here.

February 05, 2009

NOT a 52 Blessings Post

I looked at the calendar and was shocked to see that today was Thursday.  Especially, considering I was convinced that today was Wednesday.  I have no idea how I missed an entire day.  I think it is the kids fault.  They are now stealing entire days away from me.  I don't know how they did it but I know it was them.

Meanwhile, I am suppose to be posting a post of something I am grateful for.  What I would be grateful for is another day.  So then today would be Wednesday like it should be instead of Thursday like it is.

That makes perfect sense, right?

Well, tomorrow I will be posting a blessings post.  Meanwhile, I thought I would run a little kid update.  Seeing as it is there fault that an entire day is missing. Even though they steal days, I guess you could say they are the greatest blessings in my life.  

S. has put every drop of focus into growing.  Her current goal is to pass me.  She declares that soon she will look down upon me.  I laugh at her, call her shorty, and tell her it aint going to happen. Holding my breath that I somehow manage to hold my head over one of my kids. She smiles and says that she will beat me even if means waiting for me to start shrinking. You have to love 12 year olds.

A. has his nose buried in a book.  He is blowing everyone away with his reading minutes. Currently we are arguing that, "Lord of the Rings," is not 4th grade reading material.  We  have a deal that he can read it this summer. The little nut job.  Against his wishes, desire, and will he continues to swim.  His coach has asked that I please not let him quit.  He is really good at it. However, he says he hates it and doesn't want to do it anymore. Poor kid has the world's meanest mom who refuses to yank him.  I drag him to swim kicking and screaming (I consider it a good warm up) and ignore the big stupid grin on his face AFTER swim. He likes it more then he will let on.

Al. is Al. At parent teacher conference today her teacher said, "I think she is the only kid who gets my jokes." She is a funny kid with a very wicked sense of humor. We had a big Internet safety talk the other night by the end of the conversation she had us all rolling with laughter. 

Me: What if your at a friends house and they are on a bad site, what do you do?
Al: You tell them, I am going to heaven and your not, and leave.
Me: (Trying not to laugh) Well..umm yeah that is one way to handle it.

She cracks us up. 

H.'s report card came home and to our amazement he had flunked the days of the week.  After two years of pre-school and a 1/2 year of kindergarten he had no clue what day was which.  When I looked at his report card and saw this I said, "You don't know your days of the week?" He said, "Nope, can I play on the computer now." "Ummm NO! Not until you know the days of the week." Half an hour later he was telling me the days of the week.  Today he passed them off to his teacher.  Who asked how he learned them so quickly, he said, "I have a mean mom."

What can I say, I may have the title of world's meanest mom but they steal days so somewhere I feel it all even outs. Hope you are having a great week.  I will be catching up tomorrow as long as I somehow manage to hold on to the day.

February 04, 2009

Reason Number #945

Reason # 945 my sons will not be allowed to be home by themselves. EVER! 

February 03, 2009

Hill Climbers

Standing at the bottom of a hill you can’t help but to look up. If you are lucky or unfortunate enough to have a personality such as mine, you look at the hill with a sense of dread. In your mind and heart you know that the hill can not or will not be conquered. You are defeated before you ever start.

That is good! Who wants to climb the stupid hill anyway?

Of course, while you're saying, thinking and believing that the hill, mountain, mini Everest, can not be conquered, somebody has the audacity to run right past you and head up that hill. They act as if the hill did not even exist. As you look up it obviously does exist.

What is their problem?

The nerve, the audacity, how dare that person prove that the hill can be conquered! Especially, considering you were so sure it couldn’t be done. As you stand there watching the backside of that person grow smaller and smaller you can’t help but feel inferior, as if somewhere along the line you were not dealt your fare share of talents.

I’ve struggle most of my life watching people conquer what I couldn’t. However, I have recently discovered that there was only one reason that I could not conquer what others have.

There is only one reason that a flat road suddenly becomes Mt. Everest. Why the possible becomes impossible.

The reason!

I do not have enough faith. Faith in myself, faith in my abilities, and faith in my potential.

Over the past few years I have been fortunate to become friends with several hill climbers. Each of them have their own strengths and unwavering belief in their abilities. This has helped me figure out the following: no matter what your weakness is it is someone's strength. They are so strong that they can help push, pull, shove and drag you up the hill.

Of course, that means you have the responsibility to use your strengths to pull, push, shove and drag someone else up the hill. However, the more strength and hill climbers you surround yourself with the stronger you will become. The more you live life and pursue your goals, the more your faith, abilities and potential will grow.

There is another side to this coin that you have failed to notice. As we watched those hill climbers head up the hill, as we watched them become smaller and smaller, as we languished in self pitty, we failed to notice the company we were keeping. Behind us stood the masses. The masses who believed the hill could not be conquered. They were all to anxious to join you in your self doubt. To promote your self doubt and encourage your failure.

As women we have to be careful about the company we keep. We have to be careful of those outside voices we let in. Are we letting the hill climbers in or are we quick to let those who fill us with self doubt in? Those negative voices come in all shapes and forms and we have to be alert. Questioning, watching, listening and most importantly asking, "Will this help me climb the hill today?"

If the answer is no I think you know what you have to do. Here is my challenge for the week. Be a hill climber, don't doubt yourself, don't question your ability, don't listen to anyone or anything that tells you you can't. If you start hearing those voices, shut it down, walk away, go look for a hill to climb and get to climbing. Remember the best views are from the top.

February 02, 2009

the SwimMom Question?

While I am not the biggest football fan, I have to admit, that the Super Bowl was an awesome game.  I love watching games that are close, one minute one team is winning the next minute the other team is winning. It creates all kinds of fun suspense.

Honestly though, the number one reason I watch the super bowl is the commercials.  Every year companies bring out the big guns and hope to capture our attention and hopefully our bucks.  I did a little research about this years super bowl commercials. Turns out that one second of commercial time, during the super bowl, cost 100,000.00 dollars.  Meaning a thirty second spot cost three million dollars.  That is the cost of the spot, then there is the cost of actually making the commercial.  Turns out that companies make a bunch of commercials then using a test market find out which ones will get the best response.  The amount of money this all cost baffles the brain.

Hard to believe that companies are suffering cutbacks while they shell that kind of money out. However, many of the companies that advertised felt that not advertising would be a sure sign of weakness.  A sign that many of them felt that they couldn't show.

As I watched the game with my family I have to admit that the commercials that stand out the most were the GoDaddy commercials. Mostly they stood out for me because I couldn't believe how the company was delivering their message.  Which was just shameless use of sex.  As I reflected on the innuendos and the suggestions, I was little disgusted that I was watching the commercials, and that my 10 year old son was watching them. If he doesn't understand what was taking place it is only a matter of time before he does.  

I am really kind of saddened that the commercials were allowed to air.  I'm further saddened that if he goes online and watches the ending of the adds, as the company would like, he will be further subjected to a sexuall uncensored message.  I know you can't protect your kids from everything, but really I can't even watch the super bowl without worrying about the messages my kids are getting about sex.

I changed my mind I'm not going to ask what your favorite super bowl commercial was.  I'm going to ask, "Do you feel super bowl commercials are appropriate for children?"  I am really going to think about not letting my family watch the game next year.  Especially, if I have to worry about the messages they are having delivered to them about sex.

Also, while at the gym this morning they ran a story on the news about Michael Phelps smoking pot.  Sometimes, you would just like to kick these people. Your role models, whether you like it or not, so act like it.

Also, the stupid ground hog saw his stupid shadow. Six more weeks of winter.  This is quickly turning into, "I've had better Mondays, Monday."

February 01, 2009

Heads Up!

Watching the super bowl, which is actually turning out to be a decent game. Who would have thunk? Just wanted to give you a heads up tomorrow's, the SwimMom Question, "What was your favorite Super Bowl Commercial?"

So far Dorritos, Pedigree, and the Potato Head commercial are my favorites.

See you tomorrow.