February 18, 2009


4:40 am! That is the time that my alarm sounds. I hate 4:40 am. However, because my alarm goes off at 4:40 am, I drag myself out of bed, thinking lots and lots of bad words. With a whole stream of reasons why I should not be out of bed flowing amongst those bad words.

Then I somehow manage to put my contacts in. Which at 4:45 am in the morning is not an easy task.  Even my eyeballs rebel against the cruel and unusual punishment of being open let alone being subjected to contacts at 4:47 am. 

Somehow with minimal stumbling I manage to dress and leave my house by 4:55. By this time my brain is a little more awake and a little more accepting of the 4:40 wake up call. Most mornings I swing by and grab a friend or she swings by and grabs me. Just depends on who is moving a little quicker at this ridiculous hour.

We drive to the gym complaining about the stupid snow and how winter has to end eventually. We really don't understand the whole concept of global warning when there is a foot of snow sitting on our previously snowless yards. It is 5:00 in the morning, it is cold, we are tired, and whose idea is it to be out of bed in the cold anyway.

5:05 we are at the gym walking in the dark through the frozen parking lot. We are hit with a blast of warmth as we walk in to the gym. Which sends a message to your brain, warm must go back to sleep. Whatever, no sleep your at the gym. 

The gym is actually at a pool the pool is downstairs the gym is upstairs. After clocking in there is a two story climb up stairs to get to the machines. Stupid stairs, I swear it is the hardest part of my workout each day. Who wants to climb two flights of stairs at 5:10 in the morning. I could use the elevator but that makes me feel like a pansy. Would a person who uses the elevator at the gym be at the gym at 5:10 in the morning?

Today is spin day. Which means we head to the spin room. Set up the bike, climb on to the bike and start moving our legs. Today's instructor is Melissa who thankfully is not a, "Isn't it great to be here at 5:15am in the morning girl." She looks and drags herself in just as bed raggled as the rest of us. At least there is that.

She tells you to start warming up and every part of your body says, "NO GO HOME GO TO BED." It is 5:15 I am awake, I am at the gym, I am on the bike, and I still don't want to be. Pretty soon the class is going, up hill, down hill, fast, faster, fastest, up the hill, stand up, sit down, go, go, go. 

No time to think about sleeping have to concentrate on breathing. It is 6:15 and I  am finally allowed to slow down. Sweat is dripping into my eyes, running down my back, it even looks like I am entered into a wet t-shirt contest. Scary! My nose is running, my heart is beating fast, and best of all the endorphins are soaring.

It is 6:20 am my muscles are loose, my mood is up, I am walking to my car as the sun is rising. All I am thinking is, "I love getting up at 4:40am!"


Larson said...

I so hear you! I went through all the above when I used to go spinning with my friend at 5:30am. It really helped having someone to go with. I need you closer! You could help me go again! It is cold in the morning and hard to get up to exercise but yep it always feels great when it's over!

Emily said...

Oh your good! and dedicated! and just a little bit nuts! WHY, oh why, do you work out that early when ALL your kids are in full day school now? I must admit, I'm a little confused. Impressed and confused. Kudos!

p.s. posted blessing #7 today

Louise said...

Wow, that is really something. I wish I could pull that off, but you know, its too early, too cold and..... ;o)

We also have gotten a ton of snow here in Copenhagen and I keep wondering why, when it is supposed to get warmer not colder!