February 12, 2009

52 Blessings Challenge


If you read my kid update post last week you might have noticed that I said the following, in regards to A. and swimming, "Against his wishes, desire and will continues to swim."

One part of being a mom that I was not prepared for was the times that I know better.  Those times that your child tells you they are unhappy, they tell you that they must quit in order to be happy, that by not letting them quit you are ruining their life.

However, in the back of your a head a little voice says over and over, "Bull!"

This has been the battle that A. and I have had since September.  Over and over he has told me how miserable swim makes him. Over and over we have battled about going to swim.  The whole time I knew swim was good for him.  The whole time he told me it wasn't. 

It is a very long and complicated story about why I wouldn't let him quit. Let's just say that I knew I shouldn't.

On Monday he came home from swim in an unusually good mood. Which made me realize that we hadn't had a swim battle in over a week. He had even agreed to swim at swim meet without being tricked into it. After dinner I pulled him aside and said, "Umm, have you changed your mind about swim." He just looked at me with a crooked grin. I continued, "You seem like you are actually enjoying swim." 

He then said, "I got moved up today." 

(moved up=there are 6 lanes of swimmers 1-6, 1 being the newbies, kids just coming onto the swim team. You have to earn your spot in each lane, you do this by improving, A. is now in lane 3)

"You got moved up." 

"Yup, I was killing everyone in my lane and Nikki (coach) moved me up." 

"She did."

 "Yup, you know mom I'm pretty good swimmer."

 "Yah, I know." 

So this weeks blessing is pay checks. As a mom you are constantly trying to figure out what is best for your children. Sometimes you are sure that you are doing it all wrong. There are plenty of people not to mention your own children who are willing to agree that you are doing it all  wrong. 

Then one day you get a pay check. A six month battle ends with your kid saying, "I'm a pretty good swimmer." A place he would have never gotten to if I had let him quit. 

I am grateful that every now and then I get a sign that I am doing something right.


If you would like to join my 52 blessings challenge click here.


Race Fam said...

Way to stick with it!

Emily said...

That's awesome. I will forever now call it "paychecks". Good work!

Emily said...

So, I mis-numbered by blessing posts and have six total. Only I could confuse something so simple. I think my mom's birthday post is missing from the list on the left so can that be number six (since my number six is already number five on the list)? Is that so confusing? And I just to think that Adam getting confused then I talk was his fault. Poor guy!

Me, Myself and I said...

I like the word "paychecks". Clever. I hope to get more of them.