February 19, 2009

52 Blessings Challenge

I am bound and determined that another Thursday will not slip through the cracks. I can't quite figure out where the weeks go. It seems like everyday there is this or that and before I know it this and that and that and this have ate the whole week. 

Sometimes the thought of continuing to keep all of these balls in the air is overwhelming. How do mom's do this? I'm working on the whole, one day at a time, attitude.  It helps to take things in 24 hour chunks. If I think any farther out I start hyperventilating. 

Brent's job is still slow, which we were expecting, so not a big surprise. The news has officially been banned from the house. It is so frustrating to hear what is going on and have no control over it. I could go into a whole rant but it doesn't do any good. But who knows a good rant could make me feel better.:)

To tell you the truth this whole blessing challenge has really helped me. It helps because I look at my life and figure out all the parts that are good. Leaves me a little less time to focus on the parts that aren't so good, or that I have no control over. It helps me to read your blessings and say, "Oh yah, that is good too." For example, Emily's post today, all about Mama time. Mama time is a pretty cool part about being a mom. 

Today, happens to be the third week of the month. Most months this means that tonight is my book club night. Which means that I get to go to a friends house and have a fun night of book talk. Well not so much book talk but girl talk. We read books, we have a book each month, but all of us seem to take our own time getting to the book.  Which is cool. We still enjoy the company.

It is a night of mom talk, swapping ideas, talking over recent events. Not so much the whole world events but our little world events. A heated political discussion happens occasionally but most of the time we end up talking about our kids, our husbands, our lives. We tell stories, laugh at each other, and enjoy the kind of friendships that women offer each other.

It is nice and for a girl with no sisters (sister-n-laws but no sisters:)) it is kind of like having a whole group of sisters. My blessing this week is my sisters by proxy. 

This morning as I typed this I realized I didn't really have a picture to go along with this post. So I saved the post and went to work and thought about what I should do. When I got I home I still hadn't figured it out. Then I opened my email and found the following email from one of the book club gals.

"On the GAB Night blog Krissi asked if anyone needed directions to book club on Feb 19. I responded that, yes, I needed a map showing the back way from my house to hers (we live on the same block, in case you didn't know). Well, on the follow up post (to say that book club had been moved to Heather L's) Krissi put me in charge of the map making. A job that I took very seriously. A map is attached."

I only have a few email addresses. Send it along, so that we can make sure everybody gets there tonight.


If you click on the map you will see a rather detailed map on how to get from Ashlie's house to my house, to Heather's house with very little sidewalk use. I laughed and laughed and thought see that is why I love my friends. They make me laugh and keep me looking at the lighter side of life. Just so you know this is an actual google earth image of our neighbor hood. All of my friends have no sense of doing anything half way. 

Hope your having a great Thursday if you would like to join the 52 Blessing Challenge click here.


Angie said...

Ashlie, you are the best. I seriously fell off my chair because I was laughing so hard. :)

Me, Myself and I said...

Awww. *tear.

I had too much fun making that picture.

Brock said...

I wondered why Ashlie ran though my backyard!