February 24, 2009

An Amazing World

The CDW had this link to this video check it out. Tell me it isn't all true!


Scott and Stacy said...

I felt the same way about the 0 in the phone number when we had to make a long distance call. While we lived in Anaconda, when they finally got private phone lines (I was 4) you only had to dial 3-4 numbers to call someone in town. I think it was the first three letters in their last name and then a first letter in their first name. I liked going to visit my grandma after we moved from there cause they still only dialed the 3-4 numbers until I was 12. They were so far behind, I think they still are. Nothing has changed in that town.

Heather Bowles said...

That is funny. I kind of agree with him, we need to be not freak out so much. We live in an awsome world. WOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!

Willow said...

Great honk... we still have a rotary phone. Right now, it is hanging in my kitchen. It has an extra-long cord so that I can talk and cook dinner simultaneously, if I wish. Don't get me wrong, we have a cordless as well, but I do love the rotary.

Okay, I have never had a bad flight experience. Yes, I was frisked 4 times flying out of Europe (NEVER wear a huge copper hair clip while trying to fly overseas), then our flight was delayed because the passangers on the plane didn't match the itenerary. The flight attendants were running up and down the isles counting passengers, checking seats, looking at carry-ons, and reassuring us that everything was "just fine." Oh, and on the same trip, once in the States, we were asked to wait on the plane because during the flight a man had had a heart attack and he was taken off the plane first. However, as odd as all that seems it adds up to this, 1. I was in Europe --WOOHOO... psh, who cares about frisking when you've been in London. 2. The flight attendants were working freakishly hard to keep all of the passengers safe.
3. Good medicine and training allowed a man to survive a heart attack while over the Atlantic Ocean. What is there not to be greatful for?

Have I mentioned lately that I tend to be overly optimistic? I think Candide was more pessimestic than I am. =)