February 11, 2009


When we emptied out the office, we filled 10 boxes to the brim and over with books.  We had outgrown our existing bookshelves and were starting to pile books on the floor.  

We knew that the books had to find a new home and preferably new shelving.

I have always had a dream of having a whole wall of books. I found having books fall to the ground every time Brent walked by assisted in Brent sharing my dream.

We decided that our downstairs front room was going to be our best bet. However, up until recently we had used the room mainly for hiding the kids and their messes.

By the way, this room has no windows (no natural light) so taking pictures was a lesson in frustration.  I have to apologize now for the less than perfect pics.

Here is the wall we chose. Notice kid junk, boxes (housing books) and a fan that should have been put in storage 4 months ago. (Keeping it real people)


The next two pics are a sample of how many shelves had to be painted.  Each one had to be primed and then given two coats of paint. It was lots of fun! 

No, it really wasn't but I didn't mind because I was very excited to get my bookcase.



The next two pics are of the wall treatment we did behind the bookcase. Thanks to the lighting and my less than steller photo skills, this is as good as the pics got.  Sorry. 

Just incase you didn't recognize it, this is the Root Beer color used in the office.


This is the Root Beer color covered with a Java color.  It kind of looks like a leather wall now.  I love it.

I wanted to do it in the office upstairs. Brent said, "NO!'

After I finished downstairs (I didn't ask this time) he came home from work and said, "Wow, you should have done that upstairs."

I didn't say anything, but I bet you can guess what kind of look I gave him.


Here are my b e a u t i f u l book shelves. They are awesome. I love them, it is in the top ten of my all time favorite things. My husband rocks. 

Remind me that I said that from time to time, okay.


Here are my bookshelves loaded with books and because I had the room our DVD's and if you will notice there are empty shelves. There are also shelves, many, many shelves with lots more room on them. Barnes and Nobles called and personally thanked Brent.


Not really, but they should. :)


Heather Bowles said...

Very cool, they look really nice.

Race Fam said...

Wow, you have your own library, so cool!

SAS said...

Very nice, why don't you come over and organize my books?!

Me, Myself and I said...

Your wall of books looks great!

Emily said...

Those are super gorgeous and oh so custom. Good work y'all!

Emily said...

On your left side bar you have clickable or HOT pictures. How do you do that? Will you teach me/us how? Please!