February 28, 2009

Girl Power

Today I finished reading a second great library find. The name of the book is "The Wednesday Sisters," by Meg Waited Clayton. It is a great story about friendship and the power and strength one can find in themselves when they have the right people in their lives. I would highly recommend this book to anyone.

The book begins in the 1960's with young mother's, whose identity is largely based on their husbands. It was an interesting read for a thirty something to realize how much the world has changed. Specifically, how much it has changed for women. These women are the same age as my mom. It was interesting and I have to admit a little sad to see how different the world was for women not that long ago. A lot of the years in the book hit home, especially as they began to enter the year I was born, or the year my husband was born, or the year I was three.

The main character in the book was a brilliant girl who was not allowed to go to college. Her father had to pay for four brother's to go to college. There was no reason in his opinion to waste money on the "girl" going to college.

Another character was crusader for change but along with being a crusader she was an athlete. It talks about her running and having to buy men's running shoes. They didn't make them for women. The story also mentioned the Boston marathon and how it did not allow women to run. 

I'm going to be 34 this year. It is amazing how much this world has changed in 34 years. When I walk into the store to buy running shoes I don't wonder if they will carry them for women. As I have prepared to ride in the "Little Red Ride," I never, not once, thought about a time that I wouldn't have been allowed to participate.

I appreciate that this story brought home to me that there is nothing that I can't do simply because I am women. I think I will spend the day enjoying the beauty and the power of being a women.

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