February 25, 2009

The Health Nut!

The truth is everybody should know at least one health nut. They are good for us, they tell us things that we didn't know. So instead of feeling just a little guilty, when we eat something we suspect might not be good for us, we feel a lot guilty because now we know it is not good for us. In the long run it helps us to make better food choices or at least know we are killing ourselves. Rather then just suspecting we might be killing ourselves.

In my neighborhood we have one such health nut. Who I am positive will out live us all by at least 50 years. Obviously I haven't gotten to the point that giving up my favorite foods is worth a longer life. I'm pretty sure life with out my favorite foods would not be worth an extra year or two.

However, I have to admit that I am impressed with her dedication. I'm also impressed with the knowledge she has about food. It is amazing what she knows and what she has learned. At times it is also amusing. A little bit ago her and I had the following conversation about Splenda:

Her: If your not eating sugar what kind of sweetner are you using?

Me: Splenda!

Her: Tell me your kidding.

Me: Nope, I love Splenda. My kids love Splenda. We have it all the time.

Her: Krissi, do you know how they make Splenda?

Me: Nope, more than likely I don't want to either.

Her: Krissi, (You know when someone keeps using your name it is not a good thing) they make Splenda by dividing sugar molecules and then combining them with chlorine.

Me: Huh, really. I can live with that.

Her: Krissi (Yup that is my name) if you eat Splenda you might as well go to a public pool and drink the water.

Me: "Smiling," Okay.

Friend listening to the conversation, begins to laugh, says, "Yah, Krissi you wouldn't want to go drink pool water.

Me: You know I really am okay with the chlorine

Her: "Shocked" Krissi (YESSSS!! That is my name) Do you really think it is okay to drink pool water?

Me: Whether I think it is okay or not I do it everyday of the week. My children also get more then there fair share of chlorine. We swim all of us swim. I teach swim lessons. 

Her: Oh! So your probably okay with Chlorine

Me: Yup (Smile)

I still get a chuckle out of this conversation. Made me realize to that we all have a different perspective on good and bad.


Heather Bowles said...

At first I thought you were talking about Wendy then I started reading the story, you should have used the word eccentric (sorry if that is spelled wrong.) Funny story, Funny story.

Me, Myself and I said...

That makes me laugh SO MUCH.

Willow said...

Mmmmm.... chlorine! That marvelous chemical that keeps nasties out of our public pools, stains out of our whites, and can purify water in a pinch.

I recieved a similar lecture from a "health nut" when I used mineral oil to preserve eggs. I had heard that rubbing fresh eggs with mineral oil will keep the eggs from spoiling for up to a year. So, I rubbed eggs, stashed them in the back of my refridgerator, and waited patiently. We tried one egg every month. As I coated 18, at the end of the year we had scrambled eggs for breakfast (I did do a sniff check to make sure they were not rotten). My friend was appalled, "don't you know how horrible mineral oil is? I can believe you would use it for anything."

Well, I have a few "fresh" eggs in my food storage.... know what that means??? CAKE!!!