February 17, 2009

Lom Bok, Eastern Inspired Living

The problem with home improvement projects once you finish one project your eye instantly goes to the next. One deep breath, one, “Wow that looks awesome,” and then you say, “However, I really need to figure out what to do with….”

Luckily I am married to a man who does the same thing. He doesn’t really fret much with my constant list of home improvement projects. On the list right now is a much, desired red wall. I really want to paint one wall in my home, red, red, red. Currently, the wall is chosen and samples of red paint are taped on the wall as I figure out which one is going to be, “The Red!”

Next on the list is our bedroom, which keeps getting bumped on the list. “Why,” may I ask, “Is it mom and dad’s room always ends up last on the list?” This time I am saving my pennies and I am going to do our room. One way or the other I am going to create a space that I can retreat to as the children around me grow bigger and consume more space and energy.

While I am saving those pennies I have been searching, dreaming, and creating our bedroom. Whenever I am asked how I choose colors to paint I tell people I find something I love and go from there. Which is why I was so excited when I found this website, Lom Bok, Eastern Inspired Living, and within this website this cashmere throw.

Not that I am a cashmere throw gal. With four children, a cat, and a very large dog, I would constantly be fretting. However, as long as I am dreaming I can dream that I am cashmere girl, can’t I? I can also show you a few more of my favorites. For example these mirrors

I’m also in love with this screen.

Looking at the lamps and lamp shades I can't decide which one I like best. How many lamps can you have in a room before you have too many?

I'm thinking that my room might need a fire place just so I can have one of these log baskets

If I must be practical I wouldn’t mind this laundry basket

In my mind I see a beautiful, peaceful, beach resort/spa room. I am now picturing the room painted a soft sand color, with blue accessories. The same blue as the cashmere throw. That I am now picturing myself cuddled in. Cuddled in and pretending that the real world does not exist. I think I could easily pretend peace and serenity why cuddled in cashmere throw.

I am now officially at the stage where I don’t want to save pennies. In fact I think I want to go figure out how much all these beautiful things translate to in American dollars. Then figure out how to get them to America. No fair Lom Bok, you have teased me with your beautiful offerings. Where is an American store?

On the other hand how cool would it be to post a post in which I say this is my beautiful mirror I had shipped from the UK. Yes, silly as it sounds it would make me feel cool. I’m off to do a little more daydreaming. Meanwhile you really should go check out Lom Bok.


Me, Myself and I said...

We have the same decorating taste. Keep posting and I will just copy everything you do. Easy for me!

Sharla said...

Funny.. My room is currently the color of the cashmere throw. It's beautiful. ;) Good Choice.