February 20, 2009

My Reply

In our ward every Sunday in Sunday school we get to listen to the older generation tell us how bad the world is getting, we are further treated to how badly behaved the children are, and what a bad job the parents are doing in the world today. I use to leave church every Sunday feeling defeated. If I work this hard and it is wrong then why am I even trying?

Then I began to remember what I had been taught. First, every generation becomes more divided. The weak are becoming weaker the strong are becoming stronger. We have faithful, good, honest, people coming into this world daily. Another thing I believe, is while I believe in my faith, and the teachings of my faith, there are strong people of every faith coming forth. Sometimes the weak seem to overwhelm the strong but in the end the strong the faithful the good people of this world will persevere. 

We have children growing up and becoming some of the greatest people of history. All of this is made possible by the people that they come from. By the parents, grandparents, and great grandparents that help shape and build their lives. We are living in a time where we are blessed to have multiple generations shaping the lives of our children. 

Obviously this country is in trouble there is no question. But do we help by focusing all of our energy in to the bad? I wish that I had control over what congress does but I don't. All I can do is try to raise my children to be strong, to face problems head on.

The World War II generation has been called, "The greatest generation," because they stood up to one of the hardest times in American history. They survived and lived as examples. Examples, of fighting for what they believed in, surviving with less, and serving a country they believed in.

In my ever to be humble opinion the work of the Lord is not complete. In order for that work to be completed he will continue to bring forth strong people. We all walk a path of our own choosing and we decide if we walk that path in light or in darkness.

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Race Fam said...

I agree, lets be positive.