February 05, 2009

NOT a 52 Blessings Post

I looked at the calendar and was shocked to see that today was Thursday.  Especially, considering I was convinced that today was Wednesday.  I have no idea how I missed an entire day.  I think it is the kids fault.  They are now stealing entire days away from me.  I don't know how they did it but I know it was them.

Meanwhile, I am suppose to be posting a post of something I am grateful for.  What I would be grateful for is another day.  So then today would be Wednesday like it should be instead of Thursday like it is.

That makes perfect sense, right?

Well, tomorrow I will be posting a blessings post.  Meanwhile, I thought I would run a little kid update.  Seeing as it is there fault that an entire day is missing. Even though they steal days, I guess you could say they are the greatest blessings in my life.  

S. has put every drop of focus into growing.  Her current goal is to pass me.  She declares that soon she will look down upon me.  I laugh at her, call her shorty, and tell her it aint going to happen. Holding my breath that I somehow manage to hold my head over one of my kids. She smiles and says that she will beat me even if means waiting for me to start shrinking. You have to love 12 year olds.

A. has his nose buried in a book.  He is blowing everyone away with his reading minutes. Currently we are arguing that, "Lord of the Rings," is not 4th grade reading material.  We  have a deal that he can read it this summer. The little nut job.  Against his wishes, desire, and will he continues to swim.  His coach has asked that I please not let him quit.  He is really good at it. However, he says he hates it and doesn't want to do it anymore. Poor kid has the world's meanest mom who refuses to yank him.  I drag him to swim kicking and screaming (I consider it a good warm up) and ignore the big stupid grin on his face AFTER swim. He likes it more then he will let on.

Al. is Al. At parent teacher conference today her teacher said, "I think she is the only kid who gets my jokes." She is a funny kid with a very wicked sense of humor. We had a big Internet safety talk the other night by the end of the conversation she had us all rolling with laughter. 

Me: What if your at a friends house and they are on a bad site, what do you do?
Al: You tell them, I am going to heaven and your not, and leave.
Me: (Trying not to laugh) Well..umm yeah that is one way to handle it.

She cracks us up. 

H.'s report card came home and to our amazement he had flunked the days of the week.  After two years of pre-school and a 1/2 year of kindergarten he had no clue what day was which.  When I looked at his report card and saw this I said, "You don't know your days of the week?" He said, "Nope, can I play on the computer now." "Ummm NO! Not until you know the days of the week." Half an hour later he was telling me the days of the week.  Today he passed them off to his teacher.  Who asked how he learned them so quickly, he said, "I have a mean mom."

What can I say, I may have the title of world's meanest mom but they steal days so somewhere I feel it all even outs. Hope you are having a great week.  I will be catching up tomorrow as long as I somehow manage to hold on to the day.


Willow said...

In A's defence, Lord of the Rings is far more interesting to read than the average 4th grade level book. =)

Amos said...

I love the update about your kids. It sounds like life is never dull around your house. I love kids they bring such a light to our lives, most of the time!!