February 04, 2009

Reason Number #945

Reason # 945 my sons will not be allowed to be home by themselves. EVER! 


Larson said...

OK that is really funny! I could picture Will doing that as a teenager! He has some great stories about growing up with a huge group of friends the same age. I agree with not leaving the boys home alone! You never know what they'll come up with! WOW!

Willow said...

That is so awesomely AWESOME!!! I know it looks reckless and irresponsible, but think of the great lessons in physics and mathematics that this teaches.

Can you imagine how ticked his parents were when they found out. . . because you know they found out at some point. Further, as it is on the internet, can you imagine how much higher the parents' home insurance primiums are now costing?

I kina want to try it!!

Angie said...

I am with Willow. I want to try it too!!!

Heather Bowles said...

I was totally laughing watching that. I would totally try it. Let me just say when I was a teen we took my friends car down a dirt road and we went car surfing on the top of her car, and we were not going slow, now that I think about it we are lucky none of us died. This is only one of the many many many stupid things I did as teen and I would have to say this is actually one of the more tame things I did. FUNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!