February 23, 2009

Registered! What Have I done?

I'm just home from the gym. My legs are shaky, my shirt is sweaty, and my muscles are loose. Saturday, I biked almost 30 miles on a hill before getting off the hill and finishing up at 35 miles. This morning I went for a nice 70 minute jog. (Legs are not HAPPY!)

Last night before going to bed I registered for "Little Red." Paid my non-refundable registration fee.

Needless to say I'm what you would called, "FREAKED!" Holy Cow what have I gotten myself into, a 100 mile bike ride.  Do you know that this ride will actually take me out of one state into another and back. Does that sound insane? Who gets up and says hey lets ride our bikes to that state over there and back? I think I have officially lost my mind.

How does one know for sure if they have lost there mind? Short of registering for a 100 mile bike ride. Do you know people do these all the time? They do them for fun! Maybe that is the definition of insane.

Well what is done is done and I have 16 weeks and 805 training miles to go. Pray for melted snow and a couple of nice days so I can get a mile or two of those 805 outside.  Back later with a question for y'all.

Unless you think the question should be, "Do you think Krissi is officially nuts?"


Heather Bowles said...

Oh are we supposed to register for that. I did not know this. I thought maybe you do it as a group or something. Do you have to put down what you are doing for sure? I don't know what I am doing yet.

Amos said...

Now you've done it!! Once you register you for sure have to complete the trek now. Good for you!!! It's very cool to hear about the progress you have made and your plans of continued progress. Troy always told me that it took me three kids to make me crazy enough to run a marathon. I guess it is good to be crazy and out of our minds. Right?

Emily said...

Oh, you're official now. The money is paid and there's no turning back. I'm praying for melted snow. Promise!

Emily said...

BTW, did you say y'all? I love it!