February 09, 2009


Some of you may be wondering, why Tuesday’s have all the sudden become; Krissi gives the blog world a sermon day? I know that over the last few weeks I have sounded, well, a little preachy. That is not my intention.

Mainly, my intention is to figure out how to be more optimistic. Figure out how to have more confidence in myself. Figure out how to become the person I want to become. So as you are reading Tuesday’s post keep in mind the following. When I say we, I mean me. When I say you, I mean I.

It is just easier for me to pretend that I have all of this figured out than to admit there are mornings I can’t even put my pants on right.

Okay, see there I go lying again. I can put my pants on right, just sometimes. . . they don’t fit, which brings on all kinds of downward spiraling attitudes. Which do little more then make my day crappy. I mean week, okay, okay, I mean month. I need a Twinkie, to much honesty here, I defiantly deserve some chocolate. Who cares that my pants don’t fit.

(Have you ever noticed how easily I am sidetracked?)

Back to the purpose of Tuesday post, my hope is that by taking a look at those attitudes that cause downward spirals, the negative attitudes that keep us (us=me) from making positive changes, or accomplishing new and exciting things.

Oh all right, accomplishing the things I should accomplish.

Geeee give a girl a break!

I can take on the world with a smile and a can do attitude. Not my strong point I assure you.

I figure that by sending these proclamations, theories, this is the way to do it, out into the web universe; I am more accountable to do what I say. I mean really how would it look if I said, “Go climb that hill, you can do it.” Then sat on the sidelines saying, “Nope, not me, aint going to do it, you can’t make me.”

So even though I have not perfected my climb the hill, you can do it attitude, I am working on it. Sorry about the soap box but you know what there is plenty of room up here if you would like to join me.

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Willow said...

Oooh, I love a good soap box! So, when my husband was on his mission, according to legend, he would wake every morning and do combat with his self-confidence demons. This took the form of a brief pep-talk. In the morning he would peer into the mirror, look firmly into his own eyes, and say out loud, "how can I be so d@#* beautiful?!?"

I think to help you climb that hill, you should hold a similar pep-talk with yourself. It couldn't hurt, right? =)