February 02, 2009

the SwimMom Question?

While I am not the biggest football fan, I have to admit, that the Super Bowl was an awesome game.  I love watching games that are close, one minute one team is winning the next minute the other team is winning. It creates all kinds of fun suspense.

Honestly though, the number one reason I watch the super bowl is the commercials.  Every year companies bring out the big guns and hope to capture our attention and hopefully our bucks.  I did a little research about this years super bowl commercials. Turns out that one second of commercial time, during the super bowl, cost 100,000.00 dollars.  Meaning a thirty second spot cost three million dollars.  That is the cost of the spot, then there is the cost of actually making the commercial.  Turns out that companies make a bunch of commercials then using a test market find out which ones will get the best response.  The amount of money this all cost baffles the brain.

Hard to believe that companies are suffering cutbacks while they shell that kind of money out. However, many of the companies that advertised felt that not advertising would be a sure sign of weakness.  A sign that many of them felt that they couldn't show.

As I watched the game with my family I have to admit that the commercials that stand out the most were the GoDaddy commercials. Mostly they stood out for me because I couldn't believe how the company was delivering their message.  Which was just shameless use of sex.  As I reflected on the innuendos and the suggestions, I was little disgusted that I was watching the commercials, and that my 10 year old son was watching them. If he doesn't understand what was taking place it is only a matter of time before he does.  

I am really kind of saddened that the commercials were allowed to air.  I'm further saddened that if he goes online and watches the ending of the adds, as the company would like, he will be further subjected to a sexuall uncensored message.  I know you can't protect your kids from everything, but really I can't even watch the super bowl without worrying about the messages my kids are getting about sex.

I changed my mind I'm not going to ask what your favorite super bowl commercial was.  I'm going to ask, "Do you feel super bowl commercials are appropriate for children?"  I am really going to think about not letting my family watch the game next year.  Especially, if I have to worry about the messages they are having delivered to them about sex.

Also, while at the gym this morning they ran a story on the news about Michael Phelps smoking pot.  Sometimes, you would just like to kick these people. Your role models, whether you like it or not, so act like it.

Also, the stupid ground hog saw his stupid shadow. Six more weeks of winter.  This is quickly turning into, "I've had better Mondays, Monday."


4kidsandcrazy said...

I think I like to live in denial. I just pretended they weren't there and enjoyed all the good ones. I was surprised they let them run too and I definitely with they wouldn't run them. But come on, the 3D commercials were AWESOME!!!

Race Fam said...

I was sickened by the Godaddy commercials too! Caden would look over at us when they came on, what do you do, but turn it off. This football season Brad actually wrote a letter to the station that normally airs the nfl games saying how his son loves football but how he hates to let him watch it just because of the horrible commercials they put on. Guess what response he got, NONE!

Willow said...

The forecast high today is for 72 degrees. What's so bad about winter? Sorry, that was unkind... feel free to jeer at me when we are enduring the 112 degree summer.

As for the Super Bowl, I missed most of it. We were having Sunday dinner with my mom and sister. I know we live in the wonderful age of DVR, but I just couldn't bring myself to rewind hours of football just to check out the commercials. I will say, the last five minutes of the game was fantastically suspenceful.

Me, Myself and I said...

I didn't think the commercials are kid-friendly. They're just beer and sex.

When I worked at [a not-to-be-named radio station] I totally caught my boss (a former Bishop) off guard when he asked me what I thought of our new ad campaign that had a woman lounging in a bikini with a drink in her hand. I looked him square in the eye and said, "Sex sells. It's sad, but sex sells." I shrugged and left him standing there, awestruck.

Sexxx sells. Advertisers know it all too well.