February 20, 2009


Most of the time I ramble on and on with very little clarification of why I am theSwimMom. Like most mom's that is only a portion of what and who I am. So you get a lot of the other and very little of the actual "Swim" part.

However, when it comes down to it I do consider myself a swim mom. I drag my children to the pool on a daily bases. I spend my weekends driving all over to attend meets. I know what a heat is, I know what an event is, most days I even know the order of an I.M.. I know what I.M. stands for.

Being involved in the sport of swim has opened many doors for myself and my children. Including, leading me to my job as a swim instructor. I love swimming and I try not to bore the world in general, though I'm sure I do, with the swimming details of my life.

But I am a swim mom. Last weekend we attended a swim meet where I watched two of my children compete.

The best thing about swimming is every time your at a meet there is only one person you are trying to beat. You are trying to beat you, you are trying to swim each event faster than you did last time. You can come in dead last and it is still exciting because you came in seconds faster then last time. 

One reason I love swim, the challenge of improving yourself.  It is also pretty cool when you get to the point that you come in faster then everybody else. It is really fun as a mom to watch. Below is a video of S. swimming the 50 fly. You will notice she kind of smoked everyone and dropped a couple seconds off her best while she was at it.  This meet was a huge success for her and she will be attending state in a couple of weeks. Currently she is qualified in every event that a 11-12 year old can be qualified in.

A. is coming up behind her as he grows and develops his strokes are improving and his potential can be seen. Developing a son and a daughter in the same sport has offered some challenges. We have to be extra careful not to compare and even more careful to not let them compare.  S. pretty much kicks A.'s but right now. Someday I think that will change.

Meanwhile I am enjoying watching them both succeed and grow into swimmers.

Hope you enjoy the video.


Scott and Stacy said...

Awesome. Way to go Samantha, you kicked butt.

Angie said...

Very cool! You should be very proud of her, Krissi!

Heather Bowles said...

Super Fun. I want to swim.

Me, Myself and I said...

That was fun to watch.

Larson said...

Wow she is awesome! When is her next event? We would love to come watch!!! Congrats!