February 16, 2009

Talkin Back


Remember me? I know that not everyone post every day but seeing as I post almost everyday missing a few days seems like forever. Because I know that you all can't live with out my cheery optimism. (You get I'm kidding?) 

Anyway, believe it or not this post has been sitting on my computer since Friday I just had to add a few pics in and I am just getting to it. Very busy weekend and I'm beat. By the way went to swim meet on Saturday and it looks like I may have figured out the whole taking pictures at indoor sporting event things. I was very excited to find out that I might have actually gotten some good indoor pics. Aren't you excited?

Your not? Oh, well too bad you still have to look at the pictures and be excited for me! 


I had decided that your comments make me laugh and often I want to respond back and I don't get around to it.  So for now on I am going to try to respond back on Friday. Unless, it turns into Monday but you know I try, right? 

Without further ado here I am Talkin Back!

Happy Monday.

Willow has left a new comment on your post "Punked by Mother Nature!":

Here, the robin is the harbinger of spring. The cute, happy bird shows up, hops around, builds nests, and signals the coming of spring. The 8 months I was in Utah, I learned that even the robin lies! I saw too many birds hopping along snow covered lawns, chirping, singing, and signaling a spring thaw that never came (I think that year we had snow in June!).

DOn't worry... spring will come, someday.

Me: Have I mentioned that my friends in warm weather states are no longer allowed to tell me how warm they are. It is my first official Blog rule. If your warm and I'm freezing keep it to yourself. :)

4kidsandcrazy has left a new comment on your post "Punked by Mother Nature!":

It is BEAUTIFUL! I love the snow. It really just makes me smile to look out and see it. I hope you are feeling better today!

Me: Rule #2 Do not damper my complaining with optimism. 

Emily has left a new comment on your post "Punked by Mother Nature!":

I'm not speaking to mother nature right now. I think we deserve chocolate and flowers for her tricky behavior. Winter is 99%horrid! Blah!

Me: Finally! Willow, 4 kids and crazy, this is how you are suppose to respond to my complaining. Emily wins! I'm not sure what she wins, I take that back, she wins a lunch with me where we can complain the whole time about winter. While the snow is beautiful and it is warm here people can't interrupt us with cheery winter speak.

4kidsandcrazy has left a new comment on your post "the SwimMom Question":

I'm definitely was a cuddly person until I discovered that in my hubby's world that meant it led to one thing. I'm no longer a cuddly person unless its my children and only for so long.

Me: LOL!!! Okay, this yet another reason Brent does not get hugs as often as he would like.  I think "Hug" in guy language means something different than in girl language.

Heather Bowles has left a new comment on your post "the SwimMom Question":

I would say I  only cuddle at certain times. If I am just in one of those moods fine, but I would say over all not very cuddly. I love hugs from the kids and some times I will let them lean on me while watching TV but I can get annoyed sometimes with this. You know some times I just want to go to sleep. DONT TOUCH.

Me: I am fairly touchy with my children and I do appreciate a hug and affection from them. However, I do have a line where I will finally have had enough.

Race Fam has left a new comment on your post "the SwimMom Question":

I have no choice but to be a touchy feelly person, since I married Brad! I do love hugs from him and family but I never like to hug other people I get very uncomfortable and make sure my body doesn't touch theirs!

Me: :) I was blown over to hear someone in Brent's family was not huggy.  I thought it was in the genes to hug everyone. Hugging without the body not touching thing, that made me laugh, I thought I was the only one who did that.

Emily has left a new comment on your post "the SwimMom Question":

I'm a touchy person with Sean and Heidi. We all love to give family hugs and cuddle together. I don't like being around touchy people that I don't know very well though. That's a little creepy!
I'll try to remember not to give you a hug next time I see you. :)

Me: Don't worry about the hugging me thing, I have ways of getting out of family hugs. Brent rolls his eyes at me every time we go anywhere his family is.  I've learned to push him and the kids in front of me and while everyone has them in hugs slip in behind them.  It works 9 out of 10 times.  Just because you all are reading don't think you can catch me on the slip because I have had 14 years of perfecting this move. :) 

Me, Myself and I has left a new comment on your post "the SwimMom Question":

I'm not a touchy person, and I second what 4Kids said.

Me: :) Lol, you crack me up!

Emily has left a new comment on your post "the SwimMom Question":

Why did the guy have to sit right next to you? I hate that. BACK OFF BUD! I'm a personal space person but not quite as hard core as you are. Expect for when my kids are hanging on me and I would love for them to love me from about 10 feet away.

Me: I have no idea why he sat next to me.  I hope it was because I was close to where his kids were swimming. However, sometimes I think people are just creepy. 

Heather Bowles has left a new comment on your post "Beautiful!":

Very cool, they look really nice.

Race Fam has left a new comment on your post "Beautiful!":

Wow, you have your own library, so cool!

SAS has left a new comment on your post "Beautiful!":

Very nice, why don't you come over and organize my books?!

Me, Myself and I has left a new comment on your post "Beautiful!":

Your wall of books looks great!

Emily has left a new comment on your post "Beautiful!":

Those are super gorgeous and oh so custom. Good work y'all!

Me: Thank you for all the nice comments.  I do love my wall of books and while we were putting them up we indexed them all on goodreads.  Which means we now know exactly all the books we have.  You have to love technology. SAS though I would love to help you organize your books did I mention what my soldiers felt like shelving all those books.  I didn't have to lift weights for a week. I couldn't lift weights for a week. Not to mention the commute would be a killer. Emily, I'm not a girl who gets flowers for valentines, jewelry for my anniversary, more then a nod at my birthday. However, when I ask for bookshelves I get BEAUTIFUL bookshelves. Somehow it works for us.

Emily has left a new comment on your post "Beautiful!":

On your left side bar you have clickable or HOT pictures. How do you do that? Will you teach me/us how? Please!

Step One: Using your favorite photo editing program create a button that will fit in your side bar.  My pics are 165 px by 165 px

Step Two: Save your button

Step Three: Go to the Layout option on your blog. Click on "Add a Gadget."

Step Four: Click Add Picture

Step Five: Add Picture

Step Six: There is an option that says Link, type in the link you want the picture to take you to.

Easy right? I had a much more complicated way to do it. However, Ashlie taught me this way was much easier. Thanx Ash!

Willow has left a new comment on your post "Soapbox":

Oooh, I love a good soap box! So, when my husband was on his mission, according to legend, he would wake every morning and do combat with his self-confidence demons. This took the form of a brief pep-talk. In the morning he would peer into the mirror, look firmly into his own eyes, and say out loud, "how can I be so d@#* beautiful?!?"

I think to help you climb that hill, you should hold a similar pep-talk with yourself. It couldn't hurt, right? =)

Me: LOL! You do have a beautiful husband? So you know how could he not ask that question?However, I love the lesson in this comment. Don't be suprised in a few weeks, when I report that after a week of asking this very question, how my self confidence improved.:)  


Willow said...

Normally talking back would get you in a crud load of trouble, however as you are not my child (and count your many blessings there) and since you crack me up... feel free to talk back.

I officially have a beef with winter... I need some steady weather. Today we are cold and wet with hail. It is bleak, bleak, and dreary... oh, and bleak too. I love the rain and dreary, but I need some consistency. It will be warm and lovely at the end of the week... the cold and bleak again. In the meantime my lungs are hating life. They don't appreciate the shifting weather.

Race Fam said...

I thought it's been a while since you posted. Too busy on facebook, that's the true story.:) I do the same thing around Brad's family, let everyone else hug first while I slip out!

Emily said...

Thanks for the tutorial. I'll have to do come pics soon.
And I love the comment responses. I'm looking forward to more already.

Heather Bowles said...

Yeah, I am glad you updated. I look forward to reading everyday. I was wondering what I was going to do if you slowed down. This is not a Joke, I really was wondering what was taking so long.

Me, Myself and I said...

You're welcome. Your picture linkage way of posting actually taught me how to do other things. But I'm glad I could show you a short cut.