March 03, 2009

Chores, Check

Because, finally, he said:
"This is really great stuff!"
"And I guess the old alphabet
Isn't enough!"

"On Beyond Zebra" Dr. Seuss

I feel that I have to tell you that I am catching up. I managed to vacuum, do dishes and even get a few loads of laundry into the washer, dryer, and folded.  It is amazing what I accomplish when I have a schedule. :) I get normal chores done. 

Can I have a medal for that?

"No!" You guys are really no fun sometimes. 

The last couple of months at the pool has been kinda slow. I could tell you it was because of the economy, but mostly it is because it was January and February. Who wants to learn how to swim when there is 2 feet of snow outside? A little secret for all you moms out there, January and February are the best months to put your tikes in swim lessons. The classes are smaller than normal, so your little swimmers gets a lot more one on one time.

This session things seem to be picking up. I have full classes and am back to teaching six at a time instead of two. I have one level four class again this session which I am really starting to enjoy.  These are the kids that we are teaching all of the strokes to. Front Crawl, Back Crawl, Elementary Back Crawl, Breast Stroke, Side Stroke, and Butterfly. It is fun to cover a different stroke everyday. 

I hit my two year mark this month at the pool. Last session and this session I have had in my level four classes kids that I taught in level one.  It is fun to see how far they have progressed.  The little boy that was there today was terrified when he started swimming. Now he is in level four and was doing great swimming around in the deep.

One of the main things I try to teach all my swim kids is jumping into the water without plugging their noses. I am a real pain about it and am always yelling, "No Plugging Your Nose at Swim Lessons, BLOW BUBBLES!" 

Today, my cute little boy kept saying, "I can't, close my mouth, I can't blow bubbles."

 My standard response is, "No saying I CAN'T in my Class you Can!" 

Well with only a few minutes of swim left he said,"I really can't I know you say I can but I can't, not today."

I replied, "What do you mean not today?"

"I just finished at the dentist and my mouth is numb."

"Oh, ummm, well yah that would make closing your mouth and blowing bubbles difficult. Why didn't you say something earlier?"

"I did, I told you I couldn't close my mouth."

Which of course I was suppose to interpret as, "I went to the dentist this morning and my mouth is numb."

If you could have only seen how many times I told that poor thing to put his face in the water. I bet you he went home with a whole stomach full of Chlorine.

Well at least we all know now that that is as good as eating a bowl of Splenda. So he will probably live. He left swim with a big smile on his face after I admitted that he had been right and I was wrong. Amazing how even little boys like to hear a woman say she is wrong.


Me, Myself and I said...

Splenda hahahaha!

Angie said...

I am rolling on the floor right now. That poor boy!