March 14, 2009

From Good to Not so Good

With every intention in the world of starting and finishing a 50 mile bike ride our little group of riders set out. However, before we started there were a few things that we had to take care of. Starting with the fact that I am the last hold out to purchase a road bike. My friend Wendy decided that it would be a good idea for me to ride her bike while she rode her husbands.

Road bikes are pretty customized to the rider so there were adjustments that had to be made to both bikes in order for this work. The only thing I can say about riding a road bike verses riding a mountain bike. "OH MY GOSH!" From the first second I sat on the bike I was green with envy and as jealous as could be. I haven't purchased a bike because I could just not see myself spending 1500 dollars on a bike. I really didn't think there could be enough difference to justify the expense. There is. There totally is.

That being said there was one or two things I had to get use to. The biggest adjustment was the clip peddles. I have a pair of bike shoes and I wear them all the time in spin classes. This was the first time I had to wear them on a bike that moved. In the four hours that we spent out on the road I got a little bit better at it. Overall I need a serious dose of coordination.

Off we went down the road. The first issue that I personally ran into was the mile, the whole entire mile, that it took me to get my second foot securely in the clip. Which was just frustrating as I was trying to watch for cars, potholes, and trying not to crash. Finally, with my foot securely in the clip. The head cyclist stopped.

What, No, Don't Stop I just got my foot in! What are you doing?

A quick stop, a set of quick instructions and we were on our way. A half mile later my foot finally into the clip and we hit a red light.

I will not swear, I will not swear, I will not swear!

Through the light we headed and just shy of a mile the clip clips in and our head cyclist tire pops. I mean pops we all hear it. There is no mistaking that the tire is out.

We are now 4.5 miles into our 50 mile ride! Good news we only have 45.5 miles to go. Bad news we have to change a tire on the side of the road. Which we do. Okay, well technically we watch as Wendy changes the tire. But we are all there making sure she did it right. Okay, well none of us really know if she does it right or wrong but you know we are all there watching.

A little tiny rock inside the tire ends up causing big problems. As soon as the tube is inflated we hear the hissing of a flat tire and watch the tire go flat. Flat number two. About 15 minutes later a patch job, a helpful yet talkative neighbor and we are on our way.


Down the road in less than a quarter mile the clip clips. Why do people wear these stupid shoes on the road? PLEASE! Where are my tennis shoes? Oh yah, can't wear those because of these peddles. I may have to find the person who invented these shoes and have a little chat.

We are cruising along. With instructions to keep our speed right around 15 miles an hour. The wind is a bit vicious. I'm okay with that because it means we will have the wind at our backs on the way home. Sounds good to me. With a nice little pace setting in Wendy pulls off to the side of the road.

No, don't stop!

She says she hears a noise from her tire. I say how can you hear anything with this wind. You just hear the wind. Then we notice that her tire has a big bubble in it. The tube needs to be changed.

She whips off the tire and we go to work getting a new tube on. Meanwhile, knowing that the pumps we have wont work great and we are only 6 miles away from our homes we give Brent a call to bring us a better pump (Only Dad home that doesn't have to hall all the kids with him to come help us).

After he gets there Wendy pumps the tire up and it goes flat. We have officially met flat number three. With frustration and knowing that we are now not going to finish a 50 mile ride today, Wendy ask Brent to give her a ride home and gives us instructions to complete a ride any ride.

We then watch as our fearless leader drives off.


Me, Myself and I said...

Do you carry all the extra tires and stuff with you?

Angie said...

I would have just gone home! Holy cow! How funny is that!

Heather Bowles said...

Yeah we had extra tubs and stuff, a back pack each, of stuff. I was fun though, we ended up doing about 21 miles in the end.

Jace and Wendy Mckee Famiy said...

Okay this is Wendy and I have only had 2 flat Tires EVER on the road and I get 3 in the course of 4 miles that sucked but onto Armadillos they are not supposed to pop. We will test them thoroughly!!!!