March 09, 2009

Girl Scout Cookies

A few weeks ago the little girls across the street from us brought a girl scout cookie order form over. I was busy peddling away on my bike and Brent was left on his own. Not only did he have the cookie order form in his hand. He had standing at the front door the two cutest little blue eyed, brown haired, girls.

He lost the battle before they even asked if he wanted to order cookies.

I could call him a sap, I could call him a push over, but I wont because they were girl scout cookies. Honestly, who can resist girl scout cookies? Add to that the cute little girls selling the cookies and how could you possibly say no?

You can't!

Well a few days ago the cute little girls brought the cookies over. They were tore into and gobbled up at a faster than the speed of light speed. The probabilty of opening the package and eating only one is certainly 0. I can't prove that but I challenge anyone to prove other wise.

When all is said and done this is what I have concluded about Girls Scout Cookies.

1. They are treat that are only availabe once a year. Which means that when they become available we feel we can't say no. If we do we will miss our chance and it will be a whole other year before we can have them again.

2. Cute little girls sell them so we would just be horrible and heartless if we said, "No thank you."

3. You eat them so fast and so many of them that you feel like you didn't order enough. Which means next year you will order even more. Which of course will dissappear just as fast.

So I have just once question left,

"Are Girl Scout Cookies Evil?"


Scott and Stacy said...

What is it about Girl Scout cookies that make the public go crazy? I had to have mine too. We missed our neighbor girl this year so I was pretty bummed that we weren't going to get them this year. Saturday we went to Sam's Club and Scott bought me two boxes. My biggest fight is with the kids, keeping them away. I did get things finished with the cookies hanging over their heads, it took the girls only three hours to clean their room! So I guess if your use them as bribes against your kids I would say YES they are evil. :)

Angie said...

Why oh WHY didn't they come to my door!!!!! I think girl scouts not coming to my door is evil!