March 03, 2009

Greatest Kids Ever!

"Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple."

Dr. Seuss

My kids are pretty great. No, really they are in fact I don't mean to offend anyone but they are probably the greatest kids on the planet. I'm pretty sure they're the cutest kids too. Hey why I am at it why don't I just add the smartest, most athletic, most wonderful kids ever.



That is just the mom in me talking?

No way! It is all true every last word of it.

I see that you aren't going to believe it. You probably think your kid is the cutest, smartest, most wonderful kids ever.

I will have to think about that but I am pretty sure you are wrong.

Well even though I believe I have the most wonderful kids ever I have started noticing a shift. 

A tiny little shift. 

A barely there, can hardly even notice it, shift. 

Basically a shift in which they think they are smarter than me. They think they know more than me. Apparently reaching the age of two digits officially makes you smarter than everyone.

Add to that two digit age a handful of hormones and you have smarter than everyone and attitude.

It is a little annoying.

Even more annoying than some lady on the Internet saying her kids are better than everyone's kids.

What I can't figure out is why these double digit children think there smarter than everyone!


Angie said...

The funniest thing in church on Sunday regarding one of your said children, a certain 10-year-old boy. He was up leading the music with a fireman's hat on and Schery took his picture and he totally posed for her. Clint and I looked at each other and laughed. I was like, he is used to pictures isn't he. It was so cute! He might be the cutest 10-year-old boy on the planet, but I have the cutest 10-year-old girl. :)

Willow said...

Um... double digit kids think they are smarter than their parents because they *are* smarter... duh.


Good luck with those teenagers and 10 year-olds. Oh, why is it that 7 year-old children think they are smarter than their parents? I know my 7 year-old has not yet passed me in intellectual prowess.

Heather Bowles said...

I totaly remember the days when I thought my parents just did not get it. My friends were more important and they were dumb. If only I had known. They will figure it out some day. If only we could all parent like the phelps. Man those kids are pretty amazing.