March 26, 2009

I'm Right!

Pioneer Women posted this picture on her blog today. She made it available to download to anyone who wanted it.

As I looked at the picture I thought, "Who would want a picture of two bulls." She had a nice little post about the picture and what it meant to her. I just kept looking at the picture disturbed and mistrusting of the whole thing.

It finally dawned on me why I didn't like the picture and strangely enough why I liked the picture. How many of us spend our lives in this position?  Head butted up against something that is just as strong, just as powerful, and just as unwilling to move as we are.

I know that I have spent more then my fair share of days, weeks, months, okay fine, decades standing in this position.

"I'm right, I'm right, I'm right!!!!"

Guess what being right got me? Yup, standing there with my head butted up against someone or something that was, "Right, Right, Right!"

Strange as it may sound the more I look at this picture I want to try something different. I'm getting a headache from being right.


4kidsandcrazy said...

I've spent much too much time in this position too.

Our latest game is when someone says something you disagree with you just say "Okay." The tone of voice can say everything else.

It is really frustrating when it is said to you, because it basically means the conversation is over and nobody wins.

It does stop the argument and that part is good, I guess we are trying...

Sharla said...

You mean to tell me that this was all it would have taken? Seriously?? I could have given you this picture ages ago!