March 10, 2009

Let Me Explain

I have a routine. A very important routine. One that if I don't follow every morning will cause my house to fall apart. I'm not kidding it falls apart. When I say, "I have a routine," I mean my whole family has a routine. 

When it comes to the kids it includes getting themselves ready for school, eating breakfast, and getting their morning chores done.   It is not a hard routine but none the less every morning I go through the laundry list reminding them. Eat breakfast, brush your teeth, make your bed...

My third child has mastered my routine.  Meaning, she has figured out what part of the house I am in at what time and she is else where.  She is a whiz at flying under mom's radar and getting out of chores.

This morning I realized that the house was awfully quiet and I went searching for the children.  Imagine my surprise when I found them all in the office, all of them on MY computer, making videos. I didn't even know my computer could make videos.

Just as I began to work up a full head of steam Al had pushed play on the video you saw earlier today. I was ready to launch into lecture mode and spank their bottoms for; A. Being on MY computer and B. Not getting their morning chores done. However, I was distracted by a large bubble headed son and the manic giggling of all my children.

Pretty soon my morning routine was forgotten and I found myself laughing as tears rolled down my eyes.  What a pack of weirdos I am raising.  Who do these children belong to?

I found about 50 of these on my computer.  Like I said I didn't even know that my computer could take video.  I promise not to post anymore. Well, I promise not to post anymore today! All I can say about the videos it is amazing what children come up with.

PS As I sat there rolling with laughter A. said, "Mom we made some videos for your blog, you can put them under your Random Nonsense category."

I just laughed and said, "Where else would I put them?"


Larson said...

Thanks for the laugh! That is really funny! My kids kept wanting to watch all the videos over and over again! What talented kiddos you have! :0)

Amos said...

Those are too funny!! Ty is sitting here watching them with me and on the second video when A. sreams he jumped and began to cry. Pretty funny!!

Heather Bowles said...

I love the one were A. is just by herself, I was laughing so hard.

Angie said...

My kids were trying to figure out how to make our computer do that. It doesn't, I said. SOOOOOO FUNNNY! I don't see how you could possibly ever get mad at those adorable children!