March 14, 2009

Looking Forward

As of today there is 80 days until the kids last day of school. This year is passing so quickly. This is the only year that all my children are attending the same school. Starting next year my oldest will be going to Junior High. I shutter and stutter when I think about how much things are changing around here.

With the summer quickly approaching we have started to plan. Who wants to do what, how are we going to spend our days, what activities will we be involved in?

S. has wanted to do Jr. lifeguards since she was tiny and is excited that this year she will be able to do it. She can hardly wait until the summer she is 15 and is able to be a real lifeguard.

A. and H. want to start running every morning. We did it a little bit last summer and they want to do it again this summer.

Al hated running down the trail and is hoping we don't do it again. However, a friend of ours runs a basketball camp and she is hoping that she can do that.

We will probably try to do another 5k together that was fun and created all kinds of great memories.

Somewhere along the line we will try to get a camping trip in. You know that the summer just isn't the summer until you sleep on the ground in the dirt. Oh, how much I love camping!

S. began outdoor soccer  on Saturday. A three hour practice passing, running, and drills.  She was more excited then she thought she would be to be back on the field. She will miss the next soccer practice because she will be competing at the State Short Course Swim Meet.  She is pretty excited and is going to be swimming a lot of challenging races.  I'm excited to see how she does.

The boys first soccer games will start on the 28th.  They are both itching to get back on the field.  Which reminds me I better make sure every ones shoes fit.  The one thing I truly hate about starting the season.  All the proof that my children are growing like weeds.

With this past weekend being so beautiful and the promise of summer hanging in the air I'm curious to know what your summer plans are?

Any exciting trips planned? A do nothing summer? Lots and lots of camping? What kind of summer are you planning?

I thought I would leave you with a little proof of our beautiful sunny weekend.  Made everyone act like a goof.






Have a Happy Monday!

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