March 02, 2009

My Question?

Back to work! My work schedule is a bit funny. I work two to four weeks in a row and then I get a week off. 

I love my weeks off it is like getting 12 extra hours in my week. 

I start off the week feeling all kinds of productive. I cleaned and organized two closets that had officially gotten to the shove the door shut and when you open it watch out for falling objects stage.  I love cleaning out closets. They look so pretty and clean and productive when your done.  I wish I could figure out how to keep them that way.

I began five books, one was horrible gave up on it, one I had already read (only took a chapter before I figured that out), two were awesome if you would like to know what they were click here or here, one was okay.

I love reading! I finished four scrapbook pages! Pulled off a New Beginnings, (A program for the Young Women of my Church) rode 45 miles on my bike, (Go ME!) and last but not least ran around getting all the kids to all the kid things.

Now if I close my eyes really tight I can pretend that I cleaned my house too. I get all these extra chores done but the chores I get done while I'm working don't get done. 

I'm a strange duck people, I can't explain me, and I'm pretty sure a professional couldn't either.

Closet clean (check) Laundry done (If done means still in the basket waiting to be washed?).

Oh well, I tried and since I am back to work today more then likely I will catch up on the laundry, the dishes, the dusting, and the vacuuming! 

I am so excited that I can barely contain myself. (insert sarcasm here)

Which is why this weeks questions is, "What is your favorite house hold chore?" I want to know what you don't mind doing? That if you had to choose just one chore what would that chore be?

Honestly, I love vacuuming, as long as everything is picked up and I just get to vacuum. I love making lines in the carpet with the vacuum cleaner. I love the look of a newly vacuumed room. I actually get a tiny bit tense when someone walks into a room right after I vacuumed it. I love emptying out the bin and seeing all the dirt. A HA, I did do something? See look at all the dirt obviously I worked very hard. 

Yes, I admit it freely, openly, and with a heart full of pride I am a strange duck!

So fess up people, "What is your favorite house hold chore?"

PS While I love vacuuming when I spell checked this post I spelt vacuum wrong EVERY TIME!  Is there an award for that?

PPSS As for the chore I hate the most. FOLDING LAUNDRY!  There is no satisfaction in folded laundry because there is already clothes in the laundry basket waiting to be washed. Laundry is never 100% done there is always more waiting. GRRR!!


Willow said...

From one strange duck to another, there is nothing abnormal about enjoying vacuum lines. I too love those, but I have no love of the vacuum. Rather, I like to do dishes. Now, I don't have any of those new-fangled, make dishes easy appliances... nope, no dishwasher for me. We wash by hand. I say we as there are three of us in the house that are old enough to wash dishes, but generally the chore falls to me. Hot soapy water, sink filled, cloth in hand... sign me up!

I have several reasons for enjoying dishes. First, clean dishes mean a "healthy family." We have had several bouts of sickness this year, but it isn't the fault of the dishes. Also, while I love my children, by the day's end I am tired. Early on Russ volunteered to help the kids with baths and bed if I did the dishes. I jumped at the arrangement... in the evening he still likes our kids, so he does the evening routine with them and I get to come in at the last and say prayers with all of us together. I swoop in when they are clean and have no boy-smell left on them. Then hugs, kisses, and sleep... WOOHOO!! Lastly, my dad would always tell us that washing dishes cured whatever ailment you had. Stomach flu? -- wash dishes! Cold? -- wash dishes! Broken heart? -- Wash extra dishes! The only time I didn't have to do dishes as a kid is when I had double pneumonia... apparently dishes wont cure pheumonia.

Oh, I also enjoy cooking. However, I think that is just the cause of dishes... they go together.

Race Fam said...

I hate all house hold chores!! The only one that I really don't mind, is making beds. I try to get my kids to make their own beds, but they are never straight enough for me. So after they're done I have to, secretly, go and fix them. Weird I guess but I can't stand for the comforters to look crooked.

Me, Myself and I said...

Hey. Write me a short article about New Beginnings. Surely you have a few pics. I'm going to keep bugging you about this.... dun dun dun.

PS - I hate vacuuming.