March 27, 2009

Pictures from State

It turns out that I am pretty much incapable of taking pictures of my swimmer.  Mainly because the race does not last long enough and biting your nails and snapping pictures CAN NOT be done at the same time.

Here is what I got!

Blurry but still cool! S. is the one with the black suit and green cap.

Never hurts to see your name with a #1 by it. Way to go S!! By the way, the reason all the other times are the same, none of the others had touched the wall yet the clock was still going. :)

I'm always curious at just how exciting it is to be a life guard at a swim meet.  I think it must be the most boring job ever.


4kidsandcrazy said...

-K- I'm an idiot. I kept looking that the list with the #1 and the top name on the list wasn't S. I didn't understand... Duh look at the number one next to the name not the list!!! Fun fun how long till long course starts?

Angie said...

She didn't just win. She killed them! Way to go S!!!!

Me, Myself and I said...

hahaha - I did the same thing as 4Kids. I couldn't find the one. But then I did. Way to go SwimmerGirl.

Larson said...


Emily said...

Never had the lifeguard thought but so true. You really are a pro- SwimMom.