March 17, 2009

Teen Parenting

This is my oldest child!


She came into this world and blessed two young kids lives. Who, by the way, frankly had no clue as to what to actually do with a child.

She seemed to understand that from the beginning. Making sure that she behaved, gave no reason to fret and pretty much succeeded at everything she did.

This parenting stuff was easy peasy. (I know that isn't a word but I like the way it sounds, go ahead say it)

Anyway back to this girl!


She is a superstar! She is a brain! She has beautiful eyes and great hair! She behaves.

Ummm she behaved.....

See this girl recently turned 12 and since then there has been some changes.

There has been an awful lot of these of these looks.

(I call this the, "My mom is so lame," look)

More then one of these looks.

("I'm smiling but I'm thinking about the nursing home I will put you in one day" look)

And a whole lot of these looks.

("Only six more years and I can escape." look)

She doesn't come right out and say what she is thinking but with these looks does she really need to?

This girl who has blessed the life of two kids is now responsible for breaking those same two kids into the world of teen parenting.

She seems to be mastering her teaching skills.

By the way the best picture I got is when I mentioned the name of the boy she is currently crushing on!

Exhibit A


(I'm thinking about a boy," look)

How do I make sure that the boy doesn't find out that he is the only one she smiles for.

Because most of the time I just get this look


I wonder where she gets it from



Louise said...

Great post and a beautiful daughter who will, I guess, be perfectly able to have you and your dh working hard the next 6 years ;o)

Sharla said...

SHE IS YOU! I FEAR FOR YOU! IF and I mean IF you had done anything say when you were 15 that had boys involved and IF there was every something you've probably not told your parents than I'd say LOOK OUT WORLD K's daughter is about to give K a lesson in parenting that only K's parents could understand. It's a good thing you were a pretty good teen.

Heather Bowles said...

I love the nursing home comments. That is so funny.

Amos said...

What a beautiful girl she is!! If those are the worst looks you get then you are pretty lucky. That last picture of Brent is very funny. I bet he loves you for posting that one.:)

Funphotos said...
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Willow said...

Wow... you got 12 years of good behavior?? I am so jealous. My two oldest sons (7 and 5) have already started to show some teen behavior (even liking girls; they both have big 'ole crushes right now). It really is my husband's fault... I was a model child.

Fasten your seat-belt and brace yourself for a bumpy few years. =)

Brock said...

Pictures look sweet! Also, how do you know all teenagers dream of the nursing home they will put there parents in someday... who told you that!? That is out secret!