April 30, 2009

For Angie, Willow and Me!

For Angie:

Shut Up And Let Me Go - The Ting Tings

For Willow

Prisoner of society - The Living End

My Favorite Verse

Cos I'm a brat
And I know everything
And I talk back
Cos I'm not listening
To anything you say

For Me:

Because the video was filmed partly in Oahu. I'm so ready to go back.

Jason Mraz - Im Yours (Official Video) -

Summer Reading

Each year right before summer vacation I start to plan.

I mean I have the kids all to myself for 12 weeks and I have learned that 12 weeks can either be the longest 12 weeks of my life or the shortest.

One way to keep it on the short side is to keep the kids busy. Some swim lessons, maybe some tennis, maybe a short camp or two. Before you know it the summer has flown by.

The way to make it on the long side. Say to yourself, "I'm tired of being busy, I'm just going to take the summer off and relax." The kiss of death mums. Kids are use to being gone and busy at school give them a whole summer off and it becomes ugly.

Part of my plan has always involved a reading list for each of the kids. One thing I insist on is that they read all summer long. I make sure this happens by keeping my request list at the library full. Keeping bed time as close to normal as possible and letting them read instead of sleeping.

I have to admit I have so much fun spending days researching the best books for kids to read. I jump from one web site to the next to the next until I come up with a list for each of the kids. Books that challenge their current reading level, books that are fun, books that teach them something, books that have something to do with a current interest. I have a whole list of requirements that each book has to meet. It is probably my favorite pre-summer activity.

I know I'm a geek.

I finished up S.'s reading list today. Hers is always the most difficult since she is the oldest and there isn't a list from the summer before I can pull favorites from. Lately she has been reading like crazy and we are having a hard time keeping up with her.

Among her favorites right now are the Max series, by James Patterson. A whole girl kicks but series.

So this may seem lengthy but I'm sure that she will make her way through the list before I know it. What do you think? Have you read any of the books on the list? Did you hate it? Love it? Wish for a slow tortuous death rather then finish the book?

After the Dancing Days, Margaret Rostkowski
Downsiders, Neal Shusterman
The Martian Chronicles, Ray Bradbury
Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen
The Adoration of Jenna Fox, Mary Pearson
Letter from Atlantis, Robert Silverberg
Beware, Princess Elizabeth, Caroly Meyer
Rebecca, Daphne DuMaurier
Things Not Seen, Andrew Clements
Wringer, Jerry Spinelli
How to Be Popular, Meg Cabot
Shark Girl, Kelly Bingham
Dragon's Keep, Janet Lee Carey
Good Enough, Paula Yoo
Hattie Big Sky, Kirby Larson
On Pointe Lori, Ann Grover
Wicked Lovely, Melissa Marr
Uglies, Scott Westerfield
Evermore, Alyson Noel
Inkspell, Cornelia Funke

April 29, 2009


Listen to the MUSTN'TS

by Shel Silverstein (of course)

Listen to the MUSTN'TS, child,
Listen to the DON'TS
Listen to the SHOULDN'TS
Listen to the NEVER HAVES
Then Listen close to me-
Anything can happen, child,

I need a very big dose of optimism right now. I was wondering if anyone has seen at the pharmacy lately a bottle that said optimism? I'm hoping that with a little more optimism I can weather this up and down life just a little more.

As I mentioned a day or two ago I have been in a slump and feeling like a lump. Yes, obviously I have been reading to many poems. I keep trying to rhyme everything and I am having a good time.

We are almost done getting all the beds ready for planting. I have cheated and done a little bit of planting already. Hopefully, Mother Nature is kind and doesn't throw any freezing temperatures at us.

A neighbor said to me today that she sees me outside all the time and wonders what I am up to. I replied, "I'm not up to anything. I look outside I see the sun, I see one weed in the flower bed,I look inside see the piles of laundry and then go outside to pull the weed." Very productive!

Eventually I am going to get to plant. Then I am going to be spending a lot of time outside talking everything into growing.

Oh, and I guess I am going to ride my bike too. Again, who talked me into this? Why did I let myself get talked into this? I have plants to watch grow.

April 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Ali-bear!

Last Friday was Al's birthday.

Everybody say HAPPY BIRTHDAY AL!!!


She is now five years old.

Okay, not really she is seven.

Okay, FINE she is NINE!

Yes, nine! My little girl is getting big.

I don't know where the time is going but every time I look up a year has passed.

Al, had a pretty good birthday.

After going to a very cold, very wet, very long soccer game, we headed to Salt Lake to Build-a-Bear.

Everybody say hello to Jacob


Yes, my cute little (FINE almost big) girl made a boy, basketball playing turtle, named Jacob.

Whom she loves.


As long as it is a stuff animal I'm okay. The birthday that she brings home a basket ball playing "boy" named Jacob, whom she loves, will be a whole other story.

After we got home dad made her favorite meal and the rest of us got busy making birthday cupcakes.

Mom baked

Kid's Decorated


Pink and Purple of course! I still have one girl who loves pink and purple.


Then we ate, sang happy birthday, ate the cupcakes and are still working on cleaning up the sprinkles.


It was a great 5th birthday.

Whatever, this is my blog. Get your own and tell me she is nine. I like the world of denial.

PS When Al was little I called her Ali-bear, her dad soon turned it into Albert, when she was three if you asked her her name she would tell you it was Albert. She even insisted we call her Albert. Again, I ask, "Where does the time go."

April 27, 2009

A Muse I Found A Muse

I have been in a little bit of a funk. The weather is driving me mad and making me a little sad. I push on and try to forget and pretend that I am not in a funk but at last I am still in a funk.

Tonight we ran over to the library to grab a few books. Al asked that we pick up a Shel Silverstein book. Brent has never read Shel Silverstien and asked, "Why does she want a book of poems?" On the way home I read a few to him. I think he understood. Any way I ran across the following poem and it just reminded how fun this life can be.

Put Something In

by Shel Silverstein

Draw a crazy picture,
Write a nutty poem,
Sing a mumble-gumble song,
Whistle through your comb.
Do a loony-goony dance
'Cross the kitchen floor,
Put something silly in the world
That ain't been there before.

I told Brent that Shel Silverstein is one of my all time favorites and I use to spend hours reading his silly poems. I think he would have been a real fun person to know.

I think it is time for me to find my silly again. Maybe I can even find my grin again. Maybe if I try hard enough I can even find my smile.

Hope your having a great Monday.

April 23, 2009

I Feel Good

Have you ever fell in love with a song? Every time it comes on the radio you turn up the volume and sing. You bee bop down the road with a great big smile on your face. Thinking this is the coolest song, I love this song!

You listen to the song a million or so times and then one day you just stop. In fact you don't even think about it for a while. Then one day out of the blue it comes on the radio and you find your self with a big stupid grin on your face. Memories flood back to the time that you loved this song. Maybe you remember a car you had at the time a love or maybe just a great vacation.

I love how music does that. How one minute your driving down the street, zoned out, bored, duh ta duh, the next second you are belting out a song and remembering something great.

Currently I am reading a book called, "The Healing Home," by Suzi Chiazzari. Honestly it is a little hockey, a little over the top, a little crazy. You know all the things that I love. I don't think I am going to start burning incense in my home anytime soon but there is a chance that I can be talked into it.


I have a point, I swear I do, hold on just a few more seconds.

Well in this book she talks about all of the feelings that we release into our home. The good the bad, the ups the downs. She says that our homes collect all of these vibrations good, bad, and reflect them back to us at some time. So she says that we have to clear away the negative energy.

Okay, I'm getting there hold on a second more.

I know that sounds hokey but think about it sometimes you are just ornery and mean and you just can't get past it. Well our homes can add to this. Maybe you have been arguing with your spouse and every time you walk into the room you were arguing you just get angry all over again. Never move past it because of the negative energy hanging around in the room.


One of the ways she suggest removing this energy is with music. Play something you enjoy! So you know how you feel when your bee bopping down the street listening to that great song. Well what if you just listened to that song in one room of your house. Then every time you heard that song you would think of your house and get a stupid grin on your face. A big happy stupid grin.


I know hokey but you know what I am totally going to start doing it. Because it sounds like fun and if it makes me feel better what harm is there in it? I am going to assign each room in my house a song that reminds me of summer. Listen to that song in each room all summer long and next winter when I am dying and I just can't stand another minute of winter I will blast all of my summer songs and remember how great summer is. Total win win.

There is a few more great and yes totally hockey suggestions I will drop on you over the next few days.

Happy Thursday!

Today's flowers are brought to you by my parents green thumbs. My mom's favorite book is, "The Secret Garden" does that surprise anyone?

April 21, 2009

3000 Calories

I have a few minutes before I am out the door.

I'm always on my way out the door.

Sometimes I wish my house had no doors then I could just stay home and not leave and tell people, "Sorry, can't do that. You see my house has no doors and I can't get out."

But at last I have doors. However, before I once again take off out the door I thought I would tell you a bit about my bike ride.

Good News:

It was AWESOME! It was the perfect weather to take off into the wild. I passed ponds, rivers, little ducks, big ducks, geese, goose, mamma cows looking ready to pop, one mama horse and her new baby, can you say ahhhh, and a baby goat. 

Do you know the further you get out into the country people tie goats up in their yards to keep the weeds down.  Talk about a win win. The goat feeds itself and you don't have to mow the lawn. I know my neighbor hood has a no farm animal rule but do you think I could claim it was a lawn mower and not a farm animal?

I finished 30 miles right under 2 hours. Then I turned around to come home and body said. Nope!

Bad News:

Me: Nope, what you mean nope the first 30 miles rocked I'm not even tired.

Legs: Well you might not be tired but we are exhausted and we don't want to play with you anymore.

Me: What? We have 30 miles to go. 

Legs: Go ahead but we aren't going to do it. Maybe your arms will pedal for you.

Arms: Hey leave us out of this. Holding on to this bar is all we can handle we don't want to do more.

Legs: Guess your just out of luck!

Me: You all suck!

Long story short 15 more miles my time ran out and Brent came and got me. I made it 45 miles. Which truthfully is pretty cool.  I mean I rode farther on my bike then I thought possible. I'm also very excited to get outside and do it again. I think next time will be even better.  

I'm trying to think of away to bribe my legs past the 45 mile mark.  Anyone have any ideas?

Oh one last thing when I got done with the 45 miles my heart rate watch said I had burned 3000 calories. :) AWESOME

April 20, 2009


We have sun people. Real sun. Real warm your buns, leave the windows open, play in the garden sun. 

It is wonderful!  So wonderful that I am having a hard time finding the motivation to do anything but play outside.  I am forcing myself to keep the house clean. I am forcing myself to go to work today. I am forcing myself to acknowledge that the kids still have a month of school left. Oh, and I have to pull off an assembly for the school. 

Anyone have any great Reflection motivation ideas?

Anyways, all in all I have to say it is wonderful to have some good weather. It is making me feel all kinds of motivated in the bike department. Brent helped me dig a five hour block out today and I will be hitting the road for a 60 mile bike ride. Yikes and Yipee!!

Little Red is in just 7 short weeks. I am having a hard time believing I am still doing this. Who rides there bike for 100 miles? I'm looking forward to the accomplishment but YIKES! Why can't they have a 100 hour garden parties now that would be FUN!

I better get off this computer and finish getting all those pesky chores out of the way. I need a maid. 

Have a great Monday!

April 16, 2009

52 Blessings Challenge

What seems like yesterday but was really a few years ago I was at a meeting. It was a meeting with a group of women for an organization I belonged to at the time.  At the beginning of each meeting the president would ask a question. A get to know you type of question.

At this particular meeting the question was, "If you could have any kind of super power what kind of super power would you want?"

Those questions are always fun. To hear the answers and to listen to the reason's why. It is always this little glimpse into a person. 

As we worked our way around the room I wondered and thought what kind of power would I want. At the time I had three children the oldest approaching four and the youngest about six months old. I was feeling overwhelmed with motherhood, wife hood, and certainly womanhood. 

When it was my turn I said, "If I could have any power I would want my super power to be desire, desire to clean  my house, desire to exercise, desire to do the laundry. Desire to do all those things that a mom, a wife, a woman should do but I really just don't want to do."

At the time I remember being a little shocked at myself. Where did that come from, why did I say that? Technically the desire to do dishes is not a super power.

However, the question and my answer has stuck with me since.  I can't say for sure that was the beginning of change or that was just one of those moments that awoke me to the need to change. I can tell you that in the past eight years I have realized a few things that have given me desire.

First of all a clean house is always a blessing. A home runs smoother, the people in the home behave better, and chaos is more manageable. With a family of six there is ALWAYS chaos. However, the mornings run better when homework can be found, clean clothes can be put on, and  beds are made. There is feeling of peace that settles over a home that is tidy.

Second, God gave us a body with a million different parts. They bend, they jump, they run ,they walk, they think, they do.  He also gave us little hormones to reward us more using all these functions. It is pretty dang awesome. Exercise may not be easy but it is very rewarding.

In the end I have learned that desire does not come from the doing it comes from the done. Meaning if we are sitting around waiting for a desire to get up and do something it is never going to happen. The desire will come after we have finished and we realize it was worth it.

Which is why my blessing this week is the desire that comes when we accomplish those things  that aren't fun but are worth while.

I am very happy to report that my laundry is all (As long as I don't look in the kid's bathroom) washed, dried, folded and put away. The kitchen sink is clean, the floors are vacuumed and soon I will be on my bike. As non-fun as all of that sounds it is a huge blessing.

I decided to forego a picture this week. I didn't really think vacuum lines in the carpet would make an exciting picture. Not that, that has stopped in the past but I'm feeling kinder today. Hope you have a great weekend. 

April 15, 2009

Nothing Else I Can Say

I have to say that I loved every ones picks.  The interesting, the sad, the fun and umm the strange.  Willow, where do you go that you even hear those songs to begin with?  Also, I think the song your thinking of is Blasphemous Rumours by Depeche Mode.  Don't you think Ang?

Anyway, it was fun to listen through your choices and Angie I did find your song on YouTube found the lyrics too. Gee I wonder why it changes your mood.  I will have to think hard about that one. 

I had fun listening to music and ignoring the weather. By the way it did turn to snow today. One day I am going to accept the fact that I live in Utah and it snows in April. Meanwhile, I am going to continue listening to cerebral music and seep into my great depression. 

That is until tomorrow.  Tomorrow is the day I am suppose to register for school. The deadline of decision, "Am I returning to school?" I'm having a hard time with this decision harder then I thought it would be. So tomorrow tune in for more annexed.  

I think I am about 5 weeks past due on a blessing post. Time to do some completing?

April 14, 2009

Big Sigh

After a week of enjoying beautiful sunshine and warm weather it is raining. Add to the rain a very high chance of snow storms. I am so depressed that I can't even work up the strength to rant and rave.  So instead I am listening to what Willow calls cerebral music and working up a great case of the blues.

It is all very awesome.

Want to join in on the fun?  Shoot me a comment of your favorite, "I'm to sad to deal with life song."  I will try to track the video down.  By the end of the day we will have the ultimate today could have been better song list.

Fun right! Okay, whatever it gets me through the day so come on join in.

Here is my first choice and the song playing on my computer right now.

Joshua Radin, "The Fear You Won't Fall" if you are a Grey's Anatomy fan you may recognize it.

Oh and if you have a song that makes the blues run away. Makes you jump up and boogey hey throw it in maybe it will chase the snow away.

Songs are being posted below this post.

Willow's Happy Song and Disturbing Song

Okay, due to Copyright laws these videos are not actuall videos but they are the song. How does that work?

Anyway! Rock out people.



The Lyrics For Your Enjoyment

Love me cancerously
Like a salt-sore soaked in the sea.
'High maintenance' means
You're a gluttonous queen.
Narcissistic and mean.

Kill me romantically.
Fill my soul with vomit,
Then ask me for a piece of gum.
Bitter and dumb;
You're my sugarplum.
You're awful, I love you!

She moves through moonbeams slowly
She knows just how to hold me
And when her edges soften
Her body is my coffin
I know she drains me slowly
She wears me down to bones in bed
Must be the sign on my head
That says, oh...
Love me dead!
Love me dead!

You're a faith-healer on T.V.
You're an office park without any trees
Corporate and cold
Gushing for gold
Leave me alone.

You suck so passionately
You're a parasitic psycho, filthy creature
Finger-bangin' my heart
You call me up drunk
Does the fun ever start?
You're hideous and sexy!

She moves through moonbeams slowly
She knows just how to hold me
And when her edges soften
Her body is my coffin
I know she drains me slowly
She wears me down to bones in bed
Must be the sign on my head
That says, oh...
Love me dead!
Love me dead!

Rawl! Uhng!

Love me cancerously.

How's your new boy?
Does he know about me?
You've got the mark of the beast.
You're born of a jackal! You're beautiful!

She moves through moonbeams slowly
She knows just how to hold me
And when her edges soften
Her body is my coffin
I know she drains me slowly
She wears me down to bones in bed
Wha' 'bout that sign on my head!
That says, oh...
Love me dead!
Love me dead!
Love me dead!
Love me dead!

Oh... Love me dead!

Willow, have to admit the dust really did suck. I would say it is pretty equal to snow. Yuck!

Happy Song

Heather's Happy Song

April 11, 2009

Cali vs. Utah

Next time I am complaining and a griping and basically having a temper tantrum about the weather I want you to understand why.

This is a picture of my parents soon to be old house. Taken this past week. 

Notice the flowers, notice the green, notice the blooms, and look of spring.

It don't look like that in Utah.

Just so you understand.

Twelve years of California living ruined me for Utah winters.

April 09, 2009

Nap Time

I don't know about you but I think it is time for a nap.


April 08, 2009

Got Buds

We have buds.

Our first flowers have budded.


It is with much sadness that I snipped the buds. In order for the plants to get bigger and bushier we have to remove the buds.


However, right before I removed them I took these pictures.


I am getting so excited to start planting! I want to do a happy flower dance!

April 07, 2009

Because I Can

I have spared you long enough.

Here is another one of my goofy kids videos.

I'm not positive but I think that this video says, "I watch WAY TOO MUCH TV!"

What do you think?

April 06, 2009

If I Could

If I could I would bottle the following:

The thrill of a first kiss

The fullness of love felt when you know that this is the one

The whole world in your hands feelings felt on your wedding day

The joy of meeting your baby for the first time

The peace felt while cuddling with your little one

The feelings felt after overcoming a great challenge

The feeling of the sun

The silence of the snow

The smell of rain

What would you bottle if you could?

April 04, 2009

The Wrench

I am continuing to train and prepare for the 100 mile bike ride come June 6th. The only wrench in my training is mother nature. I have had a couple of opportunities to ride outside and have discovered that a ride on a trainer is a world of difference from a ride on the road.

Rides outside are full of ups, downs, wind, potholes, cars, and bike mishaps. I believe that in order to complete a 100 mile ride, I NEED some road training. Except that is not happening because we are still getting snow.

Yes here we are solidly into April and it is still snowing. If you do a little blog hopping you will notice more than one Unhappy Utahan anxiously awaiting the end of snow. We are still waiting.

I tried to get a ride outside this week only to encounter major wind. I pushed into the wind and against the wind the entire road. I even got a little sprinkle of rain that turned into snow later. All I can say is one little ride is not going to prepare me. I'm frustrated!

On the other hand I have gotten on the road on two other occasions, when Mother Nature was throwing her snow at other people. Both times it was awesome. I love the feeling of being out in the middle of no where. I love the feeling of riding, enjoying the scenery, and having the sun beat down on me. It is almost as much fun as gardening.

I really think that I could enjoy biking. That is if Mother Nature will take a break and let the sun shine through. Well one way or the other 60, 80, or a 100 miles I am going to participate and enjoy the Little Red in spite of Mother Nature.

April 03, 2009


I have decided to take mercy on you and not detail every detail about our garden plants. 

Really! There is no need to cheer that loudly.

I have however created another blog where if you are just dying to partake of all our garden info you may visit. 

Your still here aren't you?  Well obviously I don't think the masses are going to be lining up to read the blog but it is there if your curious.

However, you are not clean off the hook.  You still have to look at pictures.  I will just save the words for the other blog.




April 02, 2009


With today being my Friday and the last day of a session and next week being spring break I'm in a good mood. 

I know shocking! 

One of my favorite good mood songs.

Wash away my troubles, wash away my pain
With the rain in Shambala
Wash away my sorrow, wash away my shame
With the rain in Shambala

Ah, ooh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Everyone is helpful, everyone is kind
On the road to Shambala
Everyone is lucky, everyone is so kind
On the road to Shambala


How does your light shine, in the halls of Shambala

I can tell my sister by the flowers in her eyes
On the road to Shambala
I can tell my brother by the flowers in her eyes
On the road to Shambala


How does your light shine, in the halls of Shambala

April 01, 2009

What not to Wear, Swimsuit Addition

Working at a swimming pool a strange thing starts to happen to you. You become less aware of the fact that you are wearing a swim suit. You become less aware that people around you are wearing swimsuits. Really in most instances you don't even notice the swimsuits.

Which is ironic sense most people are so uncomfortable in what a swim suit discloses about their bodies. However, the truth is not that many people have fantastic bodies. It is an exception to the rule for a swim suit model to walk into the pool. Most people who come to the pool are everyday people with everyday bodies.

That being said there are things us pool workers do notice. Things that I feel as your friend I must share. Things that have left young men scarred and us older ladies just plain grossed out. So here it is my first what not to wear swim suit addition.

Rule Number One. Wear a swimsuit that fits. I see more women do harm to their figure wearing a suit that is two, three, four sizes to small then if they just wore a suit that fit. I know it is spandex and if you try long enough you will get into it. It isn't what gets in that is the problem it is what is left out. Trust me there are little bits being squeezed out everywhere. Bits you didn't even know could escape that are escaping.

Rule Number Two. Check the nether regions! When you walk out on deck strutting your bad self in your suit I'm down in the pool. I'm working with little ones teaching them to float on their back. I'm glimpsing up to see who is walking by. I am catching a glimpse of a part of you that I have no desire to see. Your suit is not covering all of you there is all kinds of you hanging out. I do not wish to go further on this subject just please check the nether regions.

Rule Number Three. Saying goodbye. There comes a time in every swim suits life when it is time to throw the sucker away. The stitching is coming out, the material has become see through, and at any moment it will all come undone. Moments like when your bending over to pick up your towel and I now know you have a mole on your left but cheek.

In conclusion, wear a suit that fits, check that all your parts are inside the suit, say good bye when it is time.  That is the end of my first, "What not to Wear, Swimsuit Addition."