April 21, 2009

3000 Calories

I have a few minutes before I am out the door.

I'm always on my way out the door.

Sometimes I wish my house had no doors then I could just stay home and not leave and tell people, "Sorry, can't do that. You see my house has no doors and I can't get out."

But at last I have doors. However, before I once again take off out the door I thought I would tell you a bit about my bike ride.

Good News:

It was AWESOME! It was the perfect weather to take off into the wild. I passed ponds, rivers, little ducks, big ducks, geese, goose, mamma cows looking ready to pop, one mama horse and her new baby, can you say ahhhh, and a baby goat. 

Do you know the further you get out into the country people tie goats up in their yards to keep the weeds down.  Talk about a win win. The goat feeds itself and you don't have to mow the lawn. I know my neighbor hood has a no farm animal rule but do you think I could claim it was a lawn mower and not a farm animal?

I finished 30 miles right under 2 hours. Then I turned around to come home and body said. Nope!

Bad News:

Me: Nope, what you mean nope the first 30 miles rocked I'm not even tired.

Legs: Well you might not be tired but we are exhausted and we don't want to play with you anymore.

Me: What? We have 30 miles to go. 

Legs: Go ahead but we aren't going to do it. Maybe your arms will pedal for you.

Arms: Hey leave us out of this. Holding on to this bar is all we can handle we don't want to do more.

Legs: Guess your just out of luck!

Me: You all suck!

Long story short 15 more miles my time ran out and Brent came and got me. I made it 45 miles. Which truthfully is pretty cool.  I mean I rode farther on my bike then I thought possible. I'm also very excited to get outside and do it again. I think next time will be even better.  

I'm trying to think of away to bribe my legs past the 45 mile mark.  Anyone have any ideas?

Oh one last thing when I got done with the 45 miles my heart rate watch said I had burned 3000 calories. :) AWESOME


Heather Bowles said...

Good Job. It will be crazy to see how far we will go on the actual race day. If I make it the full 60 on saturday then I figure I will most likely be able to do 80 on race day. We will see. My butt is killing me today.

Angie said...

3000 calories! HOLY COW! Woo hoo!!!!! Way to go.