April 16, 2009

52 Blessings Challenge

What seems like yesterday but was really a few years ago I was at a meeting. It was a meeting with a group of women for an organization I belonged to at the time.  At the beginning of each meeting the president would ask a question. A get to know you type of question.

At this particular meeting the question was, "If you could have any kind of super power what kind of super power would you want?"

Those questions are always fun. To hear the answers and to listen to the reason's why. It is always this little glimpse into a person. 

As we worked our way around the room I wondered and thought what kind of power would I want. At the time I had three children the oldest approaching four and the youngest about six months old. I was feeling overwhelmed with motherhood, wife hood, and certainly womanhood. 

When it was my turn I said, "If I could have any power I would want my super power to be desire, desire to clean  my house, desire to exercise, desire to do the laundry. Desire to do all those things that a mom, a wife, a woman should do but I really just don't want to do."

At the time I remember being a little shocked at myself. Where did that come from, why did I say that? Technically the desire to do dishes is not a super power.

However, the question and my answer has stuck with me since.  I can't say for sure that was the beginning of change or that was just one of those moments that awoke me to the need to change. I can tell you that in the past eight years I have realized a few things that have given me desire.

First of all a clean house is always a blessing. A home runs smoother, the people in the home behave better, and chaos is more manageable. With a family of six there is ALWAYS chaos. However, the mornings run better when homework can be found, clean clothes can be put on, and  beds are made. There is feeling of peace that settles over a home that is tidy.

Second, God gave us a body with a million different parts. They bend, they jump, they run ,they walk, they think, they do.  He also gave us little hormones to reward us more using all these functions. It is pretty dang awesome. Exercise may not be easy but it is very rewarding.

In the end I have learned that desire does not come from the doing it comes from the done. Meaning if we are sitting around waiting for a desire to get up and do something it is never going to happen. The desire will come after we have finished and we realize it was worth it.

Which is why my blessing this week is the desire that comes when we accomplish those things  that aren't fun but are worth while.

I am very happy to report that my laundry is all (As long as I don't look in the kid's bathroom) washed, dried, folded and put away. The kitchen sink is clean, the floors are vacuumed and soon I will be on my bike. As non-fun as all of that sounds it is a huge blessing.

I decided to forego a picture this week. I didn't really think vacuum lines in the carpet would make an exciting picture. Not that, that has stopped in the past but I'm feeling kinder today. Hope you have a great weekend. 


Willow said...

I LOVE vacuum lines in the carpet!

Russ has teased me for a decade that I am a neat freak. Um, to see my house right now, you would know that is SO not the case! But you are right, cleaning is no fun, however, having a neat home is fun. A neat-ish home frees up my time and lowers my stress. Everyone benefits from me being less stressed.

Hi, my name is Willow. If I were a super hero, I would have Placebo powers. Placebo Girl is practically useless (as she has no actual powers), but everyone thinks she is exceptionally helpful. Further, she makes all around her feel better.

Analyze that freaky phyche!!

Me, Myself and I said...

As much as I like a clean house, I dislike vacuuming. I would have liked to see your vacuum lines.

Michelle said...

I just found your blog and thought I'd start the 52 Week Blessing Challenge also. Here's a link to my blog and this week's Blessing entry.

Michelle in WA