April 11, 2009

Cali vs. Utah

Next time I am complaining and a griping and basically having a temper tantrum about the weather I want you to understand why.

This is a picture of my parents soon to be old house. Taken this past week. 

Notice the flowers, notice the green, notice the blooms, and look of spring.

It don't look like that in Utah.

Just so you understand.

Twelve years of California living ruined me for Utah winters.

1 comment:

Willow said...

Here's a happy Utah thought for you: in 2 months time (if that long), your parent's house will look the same, but heat waves will be visible coming off the concrete. We will all be cursing the ridiculous heat.... and our energy bills will be at least 3 digits.

Gotta love Utah a little more now, huh?

Oh, and in your lovely garden you would have a spider colony if you were in CA.