April 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Ali-bear!

Last Friday was Al's birthday.

Everybody say HAPPY BIRTHDAY AL!!!


She is now five years old.

Okay, not really she is seven.

Okay, FINE she is NINE!

Yes, nine! My little girl is getting big.

I don't know where the time is going but every time I look up a year has passed.

Al, had a pretty good birthday.

After going to a very cold, very wet, very long soccer game, we headed to Salt Lake to Build-a-Bear.

Everybody say hello to Jacob


Yes, my cute little (FINE almost big) girl made a boy, basketball playing turtle, named Jacob.

Whom she loves.


As long as it is a stuff animal I'm okay. The birthday that she brings home a basket ball playing "boy" named Jacob, whom she loves, will be a whole other story.

After we got home dad made her favorite meal and the rest of us got busy making birthday cupcakes.

Mom baked

Kid's Decorated


Pink and Purple of course! I still have one girl who loves pink and purple.


Then we ate, sang happy birthday, ate the cupcakes and are still working on cleaning up the sprinkles.


It was a great 5th birthday.

Whatever, this is my blog. Get your own and tell me she is nine. I like the world of denial.

PS When Al was little I called her Ali-bear, her dad soon turned it into Albert, when she was three if you asked her her name she would tell you it was Albert. She even insisted we call her Albert. Again, I ask, "Where does the time go."


Angie said...

Aw, she is growing up into such a beautiful young lady. I hope she had a good birthday!

4kidsandcrazy said...

I'll definitely have to show my kids this one!!! Hope she had fun the cupcakes look great! I'm the control freak mom that goes insane letting my kids do that kind of thing.

Race Fam said...

Happy Birthday Albert! Love the sprinkles on the cupcakes, the more the better!!

Me, Myself and I said...

Your denial about how old AL is getting had me counting and recounting the candles in the picture. "No, there's more than five there... one, tow, three, four... Oh, she just said it right there... AL's nine"

Interesting name for her stuffed animal... hmmm.... a little crush, maybe?