April 15, 2009

Nothing Else I Can Say

I have to say that I loved every ones picks.  The interesting, the sad, the fun and umm the strange.  Willow, where do you go that you even hear those songs to begin with?  Also, I think the song your thinking of is Blasphemous Rumours by Depeche Mode.  Don't you think Ang?

Anyway, it was fun to listen through your choices and Angie I did find your song on YouTube found the lyrics too. Gee I wonder why it changes your mood.  I will have to think hard about that one. 

I had fun listening to music and ignoring the weather. By the way it did turn to snow today. One day I am going to accept the fact that I live in Utah and it snows in April. Meanwhile, I am going to continue listening to cerebral music and seep into my great depression. 

That is until tomorrow.  Tomorrow is the day I am suppose to register for school. The deadline of decision, "Am I returning to school?" I'm having a hard time with this decision harder then I thought it would be. So tomorrow tune in for more annexed.  

I think I am about 5 weeks past due on a blessing post. Time to do some completing?


Willow said...

Ludo is played on the radio, frequently. I had a little angst after my suggestions because I realized that I am a radio lovin' girl and had only heard the censored versions of 'Love Me Dead.'

As for the Rugburns, I have one of their albums. I LOVED it until I had children. Now it sits on my shelf and gathers dust. It does get a bit of play on Mother's Day weekend. That's when our ward has the Father & Son campout (really, it is awesome that those two events coincide). As I am only sons, my house empties... and the Rugburns get to come out of hibernation.

Hey, we will be in the 90s by the weekend. That equates to better weather for you, does it not?

P.S. Angie, thanks for the compliment.

Angie said...

Yes, I admit I am kind of a freak. I love that song. Admit it, Krissi, you put it on your iPod after you found it on you tube. Orgasmic, isn't it? :)

Anyone who missed the song I am talking about, it's "Whatever Happens, I Love You" by Morrissey. Worth a listen at least once. or twice. Oh yes.

Krissi said...

Ang, I did find the song you were talking about and the lyrics. Except they were the unedited version. The reason I did not post. :) I got it really I did.

Willow, By Monday we are suppose to be all the way into the 70's we might melt. We won't know what to do with ourselves.