April 04, 2009

The Wrench

I am continuing to train and prepare for the 100 mile bike ride come June 6th. The only wrench in my training is mother nature. I have had a couple of opportunities to ride outside and have discovered that a ride on a trainer is a world of difference from a ride on the road.

Rides outside are full of ups, downs, wind, potholes, cars, and bike mishaps. I believe that in order to complete a 100 mile ride, I NEED some road training. Except that is not happening because we are still getting snow.

Yes here we are solidly into April and it is still snowing. If you do a little blog hopping you will notice more than one Unhappy Utahan anxiously awaiting the end of snow. We are still waiting.

I tried to get a ride outside this week only to encounter major wind. I pushed into the wind and against the wind the entire road. I even got a little sprinkle of rain that turned into snow later. All I can say is one little ride is not going to prepare me. I'm frustrated!

On the other hand I have gotten on the road on two other occasions, when Mother Nature was throwing her snow at other people. Both times it was awesome. I love the feeling of being out in the middle of no where. I love the feeling of riding, enjoying the scenery, and having the sun beat down on me. It is almost as much fun as gardening.

I really think that I could enjoy biking. That is if Mother Nature will take a break and let the sun shine through. Well one way or the other 60, 80, or a 100 miles I am going to participate and enjoy the Little Red in spite of Mother Nature.

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Heather, I don't know why it wasn't working earlier. I think it is working now.