May 15, 2009

70 Miles!

Yesterday after work I went on a little bike ride.

Wait a minute let me try that again....

Yesterday after work I went on a BIKE RIDE!!

Hummm, no still not quite right....

Yesterday after work I did this!!!

Picture 1

Right here there was wind, enough wind to make me hate wind.

Picture 1

Here more wind. I really don't like wind.


However, right here was the elementary school I went to. At recess we use to play Charlies Angels. :) We were so cool!

But then again here was more wind! Wind+Bike=NOT GOOD!


Here is where I saw two teenagers, not in school, doing things their parents would not like.

picture 5

Moving on . . . .

Here is where I thought about quitting going home and never riding a bike EVER again.

picture 6


Okay, well it was more like this.

picture 7

The light blue arrow is where I decided that I had already gone to far to quit.

Here is where I started to think about crying.

picture 8

Okay, well it was more like this.

picture 9

Here is where I thought I was going to throw up. Then Brent would have to come get me because I was sick.

picture 10

Finally, here is where I rode into the driveway swearing I would never get on a bike ever again. I also swore that I would hunt down the Exercise Nazi and make her rue the day.

picture 11

Then again, the wind didn't actually kill me, I didn't quit, I didn't cry, I didn't get sick and I made it home. 70 miles only 30 to go.

Now I want to cry again.


Willow said...

I love it! You totally ROCK!!!!

If... or rather, when you finish the 100 mile trek, I think you need to petition Hollywood to make you an honary Charlie's Angel.

Riding 100 miles is way more work than I ever saw the Angels doing.

Me, Myself and I said...


Larson said...

Holy Moley!! You're awesome! Way to go! I love the Charley's Angels memories. I used to do the same!!! :0)
P.S. LOVE the flowers!!!! I need your talent!!

Race Fam said...

Wow I am impressed!!!

Sharla said...

I just want to tell you.. You got MOXIE! That's fantastic and as usual i'm so completely amused by the way the arrows make me feel like I'm in your head. Your going to be awesome! YOU YOU YOU! GOT MOXIE!

Emily said...

You are so stinkin' cool! and yes, wind SUCKS!

Louise said...

Wow, that is really something. But not surprised that you are able to do it ;o) Now I am curious to know what the teenagers did ;o)