May 28, 2009

Big Alligator Tears

Last night S. played her last soccer game. She has played on the Thunder team for the past two years. They have been through a lot together and ended this season undefeated. Not a bad way to end things wouldn't you say?

At the beginning of the game the coach broke out a brand new ball. They used that ball the entire game and at the end everybody signed the ball and gave it to S. Needless to say my girl came home with great big alligator tears.

Which made me want to say you can do it all, you don't have to give up anything, we will find the extra time. I hear they are getting close to cloning maybe we can clone a third parent and a second S.

It is very sad to watch your kid struggle through a decision. However, I have to say I am very grateful for the experiences that she has had the last couple of years. I have seen her grow up right in front of my eyes and I am thankful that she was with such a great group of girls, parents and coach.

We had the best of everything with her team. Her coach truly loved soccer and to him it was about soccer and the girls. He demonstrated this by teaching the girls to play tough, play fair and always play your best. We are going to miss the team.

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